A Lost Memory; Alitheia

Episode 2: [English Mansion]

and adjusting himself. A young man maybe a year or two older than her wore a green suit and his flushed pink face dabbed with a napkin from his front pocket. He stared quizzically at her up and down, before scrambling over into the rows of draws behind them.

The front desks interior had been lit up by orange hues of fluorescent bulbs hung from the ceiling. A large emerald green couch seat to one side and gold embedded frame of a mirror to on the other side of the room.

Kacey looked into the mirror, eyeing herself in red sneaker shoes, dark blue denim jeans and white long sleeved top. She left her messy caramel curls that framed her face. Realizing the mans judgement of herself, was as her fashion that clashed with the regal name of the Troys.

Choosing to ignore his remark, she walked up to the desk and asked for the rooms key.

A crashing sound interrupted them, both stare at the scene of the boy laying covered in black and purple suitcases. Kacey turned to face the man, looked at his gold nameplate on the pocket of his chest.

”Junior Pilloweather, do you mind helping me with luggage? ” she asked with a flashed grin. He nodded a nervous yes, rounded the desk, and both headed over to help the boy.

”Little sir, Harada, where is your brother? ” Junior asked through seethed teeth in annoyance, while gripping his forearm.

”I told you to call me, Jiro! ” he responded, angry, and tried to free himself from the bellboys grip.

”Well, uhh- Jiro thanks for trying to help me ” noticing the silver key on the desk, Kacey grabs hold of it and walks back over to their quarrelling. She dangled the keys and Junior, distracted, rushed to her.

”Uhm- yes Miss Troy, that would be the keys to your suite, and Ill be taking you there in a minute ” he rambled and attempted to pick up her luggage, heading to the elevator gate behind him. He seemed to be roughly the same height and build as Kacey, as he walks beside her.

Both him and Jiro, followed along with luggage in hand, and step into the elevator. All three inside, the lights flickered on and off once as the creaky elevator gate closed in front of them.

”So thats the go ahead, huh? ” she asked, interpreting the lights a signal to when the elevator ride starts.

”No, Miss Troy, that never happens ” he began nervously and added ”Ill be sure to contact the head office for a double check on the routine maintenance. ”

Kacey noted his reaction as one of employer and employee, which she reminded herself that she was indeed the new owner.

”Yeah, thanks ” she replied awkwardly.

Before arriving to New England, Kacey got a call from Aunt Elizabeth explaining the mansions current situation.

In order to, generate funds after her late grandfathers retirement. He turned his mansion home into a flat- style complex. Interestingly enough, not many people had wanted to make the home of the luxury mansion, as it was far from most civilization and inconvenience for getting around to and from the building. After much waiting, a few residential families moved in and Jiro Harada had been one of them so far.

After a long wait riding up, they reached a long hallway stretching up to a grand double door.

”Welcome to Newman Heights, ”

bellboy, Junior Pilloweather, cheered and his voice alongside the falling of Kaceys luggage echoed throughout the passage.

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