A Lost Memory; Alitheia

Episode 1: [Swan]

scoffed Kacey and proceeded to dress herself in black jeans, black boots and cream pullover with a Greenhouse University emblem. She packed all essential textbooks and papers, and headed off for a drive to attend one of her journalism class.

Her mind buzzed with thoughts of the inheritance in- between the chatter of students and lecturer. After the passing of, Jonathan Troy and Natalie Troy, her parents; she received a notice of eviction for her their home she was staying in. The notice was not nearly a stun as the mansion she had inherited soon after. The Troy family had moved from England to the States when Kacey was born. It seems her grandfather, fathers side, found it necessary to make their family the sole heir to his fortune and residence.

”Perfect timing, ” she reported to aunt Elizabeth after hearing the news,

”Oh, and please send my condolences to the grieving family at this time, ” she added in embarrassment and hung up the call.

The Troys had passed away in a tragic car accident and not much could be said about it. The culprit, a truck driver, was never identified and the only witness to the crime, an elderly woman, passed away two days after the accident. After the funeral in New Hampshire, near her parents previous home, automatically Kacey became the sole beneficiary, and she figured she would move out or rather accept eviction from their home and move into the mansion. Alisons family, an eloquence of lawyers including herself, took on the legal matters for her,

”Thats one less thing to worry about, ” she whispered to herself while twirling a pencil in her textbook.

”I assume your paper on mass communication is what you
e referring to, Ms. Troy? ” a womans voice announced behind her.

”No, I was talking about how Alis lawyer background and helping out… ”

Kacey answered, though trailed off, realizing who the speaker was. Her lecturer Ms. Roberts, a modest elderly woman, stood facing Kacey with pursed lips and a peeved expression.

”The paper is on the list too, ” she assured with a cheeky grin, Ms. Roberts sighed, retorted that it had better be and dismissed the class.

Kacey took the rest of the day off, a usual occurrence, for a much-needed break, and now drove back home. A three-hour drive, depending on the traffic, although one she enjoyed. A scenery of tall yellow and green forest trees motioned after each other, looking into the rearview mirror, she loosened her caramel brown messy bun of hair and stared quizzically at her face; dark hazel eyes a fawn olive tan and a face she thought to be rather plain.

A flash memory played in her minds eye, of her mother chasing a toddler, Kacey, around the house to brush her unruly curls. She trotted about bare foot in a yellow frill dress, hem covered in patches of mud and giggling laughter, an atmosphere she wished she could return to.

A white swan stood in the middle of the road, momentarily cut off the lucid nostalgia, and left Kaceys car swerving off the road and into a nearby tree.

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