”But I feel as if I were meant to meet you, Lucy. ” He says too sincerely.

How could he say that when we just met? Is he joking? I let out a long rugged sigh. What am I thinking about being here with him? He probably just says that to all the girls right before he smashes them.

Why can I just get it through my head that at the end of the day that is just all men want?

I shake my head and without saying a single word to him I run out of the little secret compartment and out of the bookstore.

”Man, who does that guy think he is? ” I mutter to myself.

”Lucy! ” He calls after me.

But then I start jogging away from him, ”Lucy wait! ” He yells out for me with his crisp British accent.

”Lucy! ” He calls for me once again before grabbing a hold of my wrist and turning me around.

We now stare at each other and I am panting a bit but he is not, I suppose he is a lot more fit than I am.

”Was it something I said? ” He asks so dearly and with concern in his expression. He stands still as he then lets go of my wrist.

I shake my head, ”Don pretend. ” I bite at him.

”Pretend? ” He asks in confusion, ”Pretend what exactly? ” He defensively asks.

I let out a brief sigh in frustration, ”That you only took me out today to get in my pants! ” I shout at him and I see a few heads turn but I throw my gaze back to Jace to find that his expression looks as if was just slapped in the face.

”Surely you can be serious. ” He says defensively as he takes a few steps backward.

I nod. ”Admit it! ” I urge him to.

”Look you are a very pretty girl but believe it or not I was just looking for a friend. I thought— ” He cuts himself off.

”Here. ” He takes out his wallet and throws a hundred dollars at me. ”Call a taxi. ” He says then walks off.

”Its a cab! ” I yell back at him, ”And I won take your filthy money! ” I yell at him and I don pick up his rich boy-privileged money— no instead I give it one good look and stomp away.

How much does he think is a cab anyway?!

I then let out a little huff and take out my phone to call an Uber. But then Jace unexpectedly pulls up in next to me.

”I thought you were gone, ” I grumble,

”Just get in the car. ” He orders.

Is he actually on drugs?

”No. ” I shake my head as I look at him with an annoyed look.

”Why are you being so difficult? Do you think that it is cute? That every boy will fall on their knees and think wow she is so stubborn I love it? ” He grumbles at me.

I shake my head, ”No thats you, billionaire baby! ” I yell at him.

”What I have all the boys falling at my knees? ” He raises his brow and I let out a little grunt as I angrily begin to walk away.

”Fight or flight— guess which one are you? ” He scoffs back at me and I turn around to give him a look filled with irritation, only to find that he is smirking.

Is he getting amused by this?! Unbelievable!

”Is this some sort of game to you? Am I a joke to you? ” I genuinely ask. ”Why can you just leave me alone?! ” I gesture as I begin to raise my voice.

He shrugs, ”Maybe you just remind me of someone… ” he trails off, ”I genuinely like you— as a friend of course but I can see why you think of me this way. ” He says British accent clear as crystal, ”Andrew and Melody must have told you something and I can blame the both of them for hating me but— do you know what… never mind. Never mind what I thought. I hope you get home safely. ” He lets down the hand break and begins to move off until he eventually drives off. Leaving me there to watch him leave.

I decided to take an Uber, both my father nor my stepmother didn bother to ask me where I was but Max sits quietly on the edge of my bed, looking at me— I always tell Max everything so he most probably expects me to do the same.

I look over at him, ”What? ” I say defensively and he raises his hands playfully.

”Nothing. ” He says and smiles at me, ”So how was your evening— you look… ”

”Annoyed? ” I answer.

”Yes lets go with that. ” He chuckles. ”By the way did you see how hot the neighbor is— the dude is rich and good-looking. ” He shakes his head.

”Hows your girlfriend. ” I raise my brow.

”Ancient history if I can get my hands on that neighbor. ” He makes a light joke, ”But in all seriousness. ” He begins as his facial expression begins to grow grim, ”Its just hard— we live so far away from each other now and every time I want to break up with her she just refuses to accept it, well we both do, I just can break up with someone I care about like that— its impossible. ” He confesses and heaves a long sigh.

”Man Im glad Im single. ” I make a joke to lighten the mood and he throws a pillow at me. ”Hey now easy— you forget I have more ammunition than you I squint at him as I jab my thumb into the rest of the pillows behind me.

”Fair enough. ” He smiles and then his eyes move to Jaces room, ”Dang. ” He shoots right up, ”You weren kidding when you said you could see this dude from across the room! ” He yelps, ”Is he talking his damn shirt off?! ” He cries out.

”Hey be quiet, he could hear you, ” I complain as I drag him down so Jace doesn see us.

”Oh, holy smokes he is hot! ” He yelps.

”HE COULD SEE YOU. ” I harshly whisper.

”He isn gonna see me— your room is dark he probably thinks that no one is in it, besides he can hear me unless he is Edward Cullen. ” He says as he breaks free. ”Do you have binoculars? ” He turns to me.

I shake my head, ”No I don . ” I throw a pillow at him but he dodges it.

”His taking off his pants now! ” He cries.

”Max stop it. ” I plead with him.

”Stop being boring just look at his six-pack! ” Max grumbles at me.

I am somewhat curious as to how he looks so I get up to try to see him but there is no one in his room. ”Are you kidding me? ” I shove him.

”So you did want to see him naked? ” He raises his brow at me.

”Peer pressure. ” I bite back and he laughs at me…

”I mean fair enough but a guy like that probably has hundreds of girls flocking to him. ” He shrugs and then throws himself back on the bed and I just stare blankly at Jaces room.

Little does Max know that I have actually spoken with Jace… and his voice still echoes in my head ”Maybe you just remind me of someone ” I wonder if thats true— and I wonder if he is going to be at that party tomorrow… I doubt it because Jace and Andrew aren exactly best of friends, well at least anymore I gather.

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