Standing in front of me is a dripping, very wet person of the opposite gender in a low waist towel exposing his obvious v-line which made me break out into a cold sweat, golden retriever boy?! My mind whirls in the utmost confusion, I stand there as if I am frozen, he looks down at me scrolling… pondering? Light brown eyes tracing all over to every part of my face. To inquire as to what I am doing here, but I could ask him the very same thing. My eyes widens as I recognise the similarities between him and Melody, mainly the nose and the eye shape and the astonishingly slick dark brown hair that both him and his sister clearly inherited from their mother.

”You must be Melodys brother? ” I nervously ask.

”Andrew. ” He smiles as he adds reminding me of his name, but still standing there very much half naked. My stomach turns with anxiety, thinking how could I have put myself into this position.

”Yes of course, I remember you. ” I abruptly blurt out. ”The walk, the coffee shop! ” I nervously babble on.

He raises his brow, ”Im glad— ” He smiles ”but could you please move? ”

”Pardon? ” I choke.

”Like as in out of my way. ” He smirks. ”Not to another town, Im not that cruel. ” He says hoarsely. He smiles again, is he amused?

But right I need to move out of his way. I anxiously rub the back of my neck as I yank the hairs on the bottom of my head.

I feel like kicking myself in the one leg, ”Oh yes of course, I will move— Im a professional mover you know. ” Oh please shut up Lucy, I nervously say as I move to the right side, but then he moves to his left and I immediately move to the other side, whereas he does the exact same thing. So he takes a hold of both my shoulders and he turns me around as he moves with me so he can finally escape my awkwardness.

”I think you need to reconsider your profession, professional mover. ” He whispers and then he makes hes way down the hall and vanishes.

I am so distraught by the time I get to Melodys room, how can someone be so incredibly hot!

I blush and quickly slap my forehead as I to come to my senses— or at least try to. I take a deep breath in and out and open the door.

”Why did you take so long, did you have to poop? ” Melody asks abruptly as she sits on the bed besides her brother. My eyes widen— her brother!

Why did she have to ask such a thing especially in front of him?!

”Of course not! ” I blurt out.

He looks at me with his light brown eyes as he has a smile that is easy on the eyes. I notice he is wearing a white long sleeve sweater and a pair of black shorts.

”Andrew is my brother, Andrew this is— ”

”Lucy, I know weve met. ” He states as he looks at me which soon causes me to throw my gaze to the floor.

”So there is a party this coming Saturday. ” He explains.

And then he turns to his sister, ”Jemmas party actually, I know you two aren exactly on speaking terms Mel— ” he says firmly, ”But I will personally speak to Jemma and try to convince her— ” He turns to me once again, ”I was wondering if you two would tag along? ”

”Oh yes sweet brother of mine! ” She exclaims as she hugs her brother tightly.

”Would you be interested Lucy? ” He raises his brow at me as he is prying his sisters grip off of himself.

”I don know parties aren really my scene. ” I explain.

”Shes going! ” Melody shouts as she points her finger at me, ”You
e going! ” She orders.

”No I don want to go. ” I frown at her as I try to gather up enough courage to stand up to her.

”Oh please Lucy— Ill be your best friend, Ill do anything. Please he won talk to Jemma if you don come— I just know it! And then my social life is O.V.E.R— over! ” She begs in a overly dramatic manner.

I look over to Andrew who isn saying anything, I almost want to ask him why he wants me to go to the party… I stand there thinking for a short while thinking what better do I have going on for myself this Saturday—

”Alright, fine Ill go. ” I respond, ”But you owe me one. ” I scroll at her as I fold my arms, I then sigh feeling like I don even want to be here anymore, maybe because Melody isn the most nicest person, ”Im going to go home now. ” I say as I press my lips together.

”Let me take you. ” Andrew jumps up.

I wave him off, ”There is really no need. ” I reply.

”I really don want you to walk alone, I think my mother would kill me if she found out you walked home by yourself. ” He explains showing me out of my sisters room.

”So do you wanna take the car? ” He asks as we walk down the stairs.

I shake my head, ”I kinda wanna walk. ” I say.

”Do you know who loves walks? ” He raises his brow at me.

”I really don . ” I say as I look at him.

”Reilly. ” He says, ”Reilly come here girl! ” He calls and out comes a golden retriever from the lounge area.

”Reilly loves walks. ” He looks at me with a smirk.

Next thing I know Im walking back home with, Andrew and Reilly that is on a bright pink leash.

I turn my head to him as we
e strolling, ”So are you going to tell me what was this morning about? ” I anxiously ask.

”I was actually going to ask how you knew Jace. ” He replies. Jace… so thats his name.

”It doesn seem like you two get along. ” I raise my brow at him.

”Well he has this crazy idea that I— well I rather not say, I mean its not true but I don want you to judge me based off of a rumour. ” He shrugs.

A rumour? ”Well you don have to tell me if you don want to. ” I look at him and then he looks at Reilly, ”How old is she? ” I ask him trying to change the suddenly tense mood.

”Going on her fifth year now. ” He smiles at her, I can tell that he really loves her. ”I got her when I was twelve. ” He looks back at me.

”So that means you
e seventeen now— Im sixteen. ” I smile at him and he smiles back.

”So what school are you going to attend? ” Andrew ask as he looks at me with his light brown eyes studying my facial expression.

”I don know if you know it— you probably do its pretty close to here. Saint Dawsons. ” I say and his face immediately lights up.

”The same school as me! ” He exclaims. ”At least when the summer vacation ends going back to school won be so miserable. ” He blushes.

I shrug as I think about Jace and I almost can help but ask him, ”So what about Jace is he in the same school as you? ” I asks and I can see his facial expression turn from excitement to disappointment. I almost feel bad.

”Well he is homeschooled I suppose. ” He says flatly as the conversation grows tense.

And I almost want to ask him how old Jace is but I bring myself not to because I know that they don get along. What I can tell from Andrew is that he is a very bubbly and a light person— I don know what the rumour is but I want to believe that it isn true, which leaves Jace to believe in those small things, but if he said he is homeschooled then how did he find out about it? I have to ask.

I bite down on my lip, ”Was he always homeschooled? ” I ask.

He frowns, ”No when Mr and Mrs Harrison moved back to America— you see Jace is born in the UK, I suppose they came back he was about fourteen and he only started to be homeschooled when he turned sixteen, so about a year ago. ” He flatly replys. ”Jace— Jace is a very private person. ” He sighs.

A private person?

I look up and see my house on the right, ”We
e here. ” I say awkwardly. ”Thank you for walking me. ” Even though that was the most awkward conversation of my life— but I couldn help but ask.

”Well thank you for giving me a chance to walk my dog— even though I did already walk her this morning but you know exercise and stuff. ” He says awkwardly.

He frowns as he then notices, ”Wait your house is next to Jaces house? ” He realises, ”Jace is your neighbour? ” He looks at me.

I shrug, ”I guess. ” I say in a neutral manner.

”Well I don want to tell you what to do Lucy but please just watch out for Jace, he is a bit— he is a bit— troubled. ” He finally says as he looks at me in a serious manner. No longer light and playful.

I nod, ”Ill keep be careful ” I tell him for reassurance— even though I have no clue what he is talking about.

”Ill see you around Lucy. ” He says and then turns around to walk off with Reilly. I watch him go and I can help but feel bad for him because instead of me asking more about him I asked about a guy who he clearly doesn like. Why am I like this?

I sigh, can I really stay away from Jace when I want to know more about him?

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