A Light In The Darkness

… \"so you live in your own world\"

Drenched inside a strangers car, facing the window as its coming down outside, yes I am well aware that he is being nice… so nice that he turned the cars heater on— but I still don care for the likes of him. I pout as a shudder runs down my spine. My body freezes as my fingers become numb due to my clingy wet clothing.

I suppose he took note of that because he firmly stretches his right arm to the back seat and he takes out a red hoodie.

”Here. ” He offers.

”I couldn , ” I say in protest as he is already giving me a ride to my house. I didn think that I walked that far anyway— I just had a lot on my mind… I suppose.

”Im not asking. ” He snaps as hes growing tired of my disobedience.

I then grab the hoodie bitterly and put it on over my wet clothes. Just as I suspected… it is far too big for me but I suppose this is just perfect given that my body begins to warm up.

I then face the boy next to me to subconsciously stare at him, his dark hair is cut neatly, and his skin is awfully pale— probably because he is getting cold. I wonder why is he helping me, especially because he closed the blinds on me, he probably thinks Im some creep with bad manners.

”Thank you. ” I finally bring myself to say realize that this hoodie could have gone to him because he got soaked on my behalf, he is giving me a lift home.

But he ignores my poor attempt at being nice.

I huff— this boy is giving me mixed signals, I frown at him now thinking that he might be the rude one in this car. We ride in silence for a few minutes before we reach my house.

”Get out. ” He says harshly as he looks outside of the window facing away from me, impatiently waiting for me to leave his car as he taps his pale thumbs on the steering wheel.

”Rude. ” I frown as I take off the hoodie and throw it in his face. ”Thanks anyway. ” I bite at him as I climb out of the car and slam the door behind me, I then do a mini jog as it is still pouring— as soon as I enter my yard he then drives off. I pull a face— he must be mentally disturbed.

By the time I reach the front door I am already out of breath— although I used to do track back in Chicago all seems like a distant memory now… or even as far as to say another life.

”Lucy what the heck you were outside this whole time! ” Tyler says baffled from the living room.

”What Max didn tell you? ” I ask meeting his facial expression.

”What?! That guy has been talking to his ex this entire time. ” Tyler frowns.

I shrug, ”Well thats Max for ya— Im gonna take a bath before I catch a cold. ” I say jabbing my thumb to the staircase as I then after flee to my room upstairs before nosey Tyler can ask me any more questions.

Whats nice about my new room is it has its bathroom, bath, and shower both included— when I had stayed with my mother we only had one shower and no tub whatsoever, so I am still kind of obsessed with a bathtub.

I turn the faucets and water begins to flood out of both of them, I walk over to my suitcase to find some pajamas but I am then interrupted as my head turns to the closed curtain. Do you think he is in his room now? That strange thought comes into my mind.

My mind begins to whirl with wonder and curiosity.

I bite on my bottom lip and make my way to the curtain to open it up, to have a little peep. I frown. Maybe I am a peeing Tom after all…

I hesitate behind the closed curtain for a few seconds as I then place my left hand on top of it.

I slowly slide it open and there I see him, standing with his light on in his spacious room but the window only allows me to see a small portion, his house isn very close to mine but I can still make out his facial expression— he looks out the window frowning probably at stubborn me or maybe the rain, as it is still very much pouring outside. But I notice that he isn looking at the rain or anything else really, no his head faces up and he is looking directly at me. He stands there with his soaked white t-shirt that clings to his chest exposing his athletic lean body. My eyes make my way to his jeans which are most probably dripping wet, but I can tell because they
e black— I freeze as our eyes are on one another his piercing silver eyes are locked with mine— he doesn blink, and neither do I. My heart begins to pound uncontrollably. I remember his cool voice. Although I have only heard him speak a few words I still find it light and so pleasant.

Flushed with my burning hot cheeks I turn away from his heavenly gaze and quickly close the curtain. My eyes then widen as I remember the tub is still running, I quickly make my way to the bathroom and quickly close both the hot and cold water faucets as I see the water is almost going to topple over.

I take off my sneakers and my clingy damp tank top and uncomfortable jeans and slip into my lukewarm water.

I frown, I wish I wasn so focused on that guy. I wonder why he helped me, it was strange. Or at least I found it strange.

My mind whirled as I began to realize that he is quite handsome— I smack my forehead, ”No Lucy, no. ” I set myself straight quite firmly. Don start this nonsense again. I warn myself.

I don want to think about him— at the end of the day, all guys are the same. They only want one thing.

But for some horrible reason that I still cannot answer is that uncontrollable thought that I just can seem to shake as to why I felt so safe when he was close to me— like I didn feel alone anymore. I stay in the bathtub for about fifteen minutes, I curl up, my back arches over so my arms can wrap themselves around my legs— it is comforting in a way, how I console myself since I can bring myself to confide to anyone… I then climb out of the tub after a good amount of time. I wrap a towel around my body and then grab the other towel and tap my wet hair dry.

”Lucy. ” Max knocks on the other side of the door.

”Yeah? ” I answer.

e having takeout. ” He says.

”Okay, Ill be there in just a sec! ” I shout as I run over to the other side of the room where my suitcase lies.

I scratch into it and pull out a sweater, underwear, and shorts I quickly slip into them. I then head downstairs to join my family.

I plump myself down on the stool, ”Im starving. ” I say as I help myself to Chinese food on the countertop.

”Hmm so good, ” I mumble as I have a whole mouthful of Chinese noodles in my mouth.

”So I was talking to our neighbor— ”

I begin to choke on the noodles and quickly pat myself on the chest. ”Continue. ” I gesture to my father as I continue to cough.

He first gives me a disturbing look and then continues, ”Well I was talking to our neighbor and I found out that he is a famous writer. Harry Fisher, love that guy. ” My father says enthusiastically.

”Who? ” Todd mummers.

My dad glances at him, filled with irritation but he lets it go.

”No wonder the house next to us is so huge! ” Mason inputs hoping to be part of the conversation.

”Its a mansion Mason— we live in a house. ” Todd bites at him and I roll my eyes.

We talk back and forth about the school, and where dad is going to enroll us. I give him a meek smile as I get up from my chair and throw the empty box in the trash can.

I tell them goodnight, I want to ask about our other neighbor but I doubt my dad has a clue about him. But why do I even care…

The next day I wake up pretty early around about six and I start with my drawings, my hand shifting and curving as I draw this womens eyes, shading— using the correct lighting.

I hear a knock on the door. ”Come in! ” I yell from my chair and turn my head around to see who it is.

”So we need a ride, ” Max says as Todd, Tyler, and himself enter the room.

I raise my brow, ”Ask your mom. ” I tell them.

But they shake their heads, ”Mom working on her book. ” Todd replies.

”Then ask dad, ” I tell them once again.

”Hes going to work today. ” Tyler pouts.

”Where do you wanna go? ” I say exasperated.

”You know check the neighborhood and stuff, ” Todd replies sweetly.

”Okay, what time is it now? ” I raise my brow.

”Ten, ” Max says, Ten— I lost track of time.

”Okay fine give me fifteen minutes, ” I tell them as I gesture for them to get out.


About twenty minutes later I am driving my brothers to a coffee shop with my stepmothers Tesla that arrived last night with the rest of our stuff.

”Okay, so Starbucks? ” I ask them.

”No not Starbucks— someplace old— you know what I mean, ” Todd explains rather roughly.

”Like something rustic? ” I ask as I drive past a bookstore, ”Oh look! ” My eyes widen, ”A coffee shop! ” I say enthusiastically because there is a bookstore right next to it.

I quickly find parking because its still early in the day and it doesn seem to be that busy.

”Okay so order me a vanilla latte, Im gonna go browse at the bookstore. ” I smile at Max because I know he is paying.

”Gosh, we all get the same allowance you know? ” Max frowns and then walks into the coffee shop with both of his brothers.

I nicely make my way into the store and offer the guy behind the cash register an awkward smile before I go and get lost in the bookstore.

I quickly go and make my way to the fantasy section and smile gleefully at all the books I see.

”I didn peg you as the reader type. ” Says a calm voice behind me. I turn around quickly to only find that it is none other than my neighbor.

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