A Guild Pulled from Another World

Chapter 10: Already has a BAB

Jessica logged in to Deicide and was in the waiting area to select her avatar. The space was a garden with a white picket fence which acted as the border. In the distance was the kingdom of Salsver which was the largest human city in the game. The sky was clear with an endless azure only broken by the golden orb which hung high above them. Jessica could not feel, taste or smell anything in the game because she used the SensoryMap which did not allow for the transfer of those senses. However, she always appreciated her waiting room space for its tranquility and beauty.

In the space her five avatars four females and one male interacted with the environment with predetermined animations. They did not pay any mind to her silhouetted form unless she got close to them. The first avatar was the level 75 dracálfer daywalker Pneuma. The dracálfer also called blood elves or vampires in Deicide were once light elves that betrayed the other elven races to the Dark Gods in exchange for immortality. They weren undead like traditional vampires and it was impossible to tell them apart until they used their magic.

Pneuma was planting roses in the garden; she wore a white robes with complex magical circles stitched into them. Her skin was tan to the point of being only a few shades lighter than bronze. Her bright red hair fell flat and was cut to neck height. Her eyes were as beautiful as rubies and had hearts for pupils. She was slender and short looking to be no older than eighteen. She had many facial piercings including two on her bottom lip on the right side, one between the lips and nose, one on her right nostril, three on her nose bridge, one under her right eye, and the final one on her left eyebrow. She also had four ear piercings on each ear. She was wearing a golden ornamental head chain with three sapphires in jewel encrusted settings. Each of the sapphires has a different small but complex magic circle encased within it which produces a dim light. The five gold chains wrap around her head. One goes over the top parting her hair while the other goes around the sides at decreasing elevations.

At the picnic table two of her avatars sat eating cake and appeared to be having a conversation with one another. They were just playing out the animation and while they did speak it was in a nonsense language. The two avatars were named Eraká and Awen Sinshri and they could not have been any more different in appearance.

Eraká was a human ethnicity called giant, so despite her height and well toned frame she looked no different from an ordinary human. Out of all of the avatars between Jessica and Kevin, Eraká was the highest damage dealer despite only being level 114. Standing she was eight feet tall and had a caucasian complexion with sunburn freckles on her face and shoulders. Eraká had reddish-black hair in long braids down to her waist.

Awen on the other hand was a trustale although they are known more generally as a nature dragon-girl. They are a subhuman and dragon race that according to the lore of the game were created by Dark Gods when they fused humans with dragons creating a new race altogether. The race shares similarities from both sides of their lineage. Awen was the level 150 Natural Cleric class healer for the guild. Her long flowing earthtone robes attested to her skill and level.

Awen was covered in scales which are earth tone colors ranging from tan, to dark brown and green. The scales along her limbs are sharper, more jagged and bone-like while those on her midsection and breastless torso are smaller, more tightly packed, and flexible. Her face was human, quite beautiful and covered in small translucent scales giving the appearance of smooth peach skin. Her eyes are multicolor and will change color depending on the angle she is viewed. She had five small horns each about two inches long growing from the center of her forehead back to her races equivalent of a hairline. Awen had black and brown feathers that grew atop her head like hair and laid down flat about shoulder length. Her feathers continue growing along her neck and spine following down to her tail which was prehensile, six feet long and covered with bonelike spikes. She has two wings which extend from her back. The wings have a thin membrane which is partially translucent. Along the arm of the wing small feathers grow which look almost like hair at a distance. Her total wingspan fully expanded is roughly 25 feet and because of this her wings will sometimes drag the floor.

The next Avatar was Kokou who did not seem to fit into the otherwise almost picturesque scene. Kokou was designed by Kevin to be the manliest of men. He was a celestial race called kitsune spirit which were based off of the nine tail fox. He, unlike other kitsune spirits, looked to have the same build as a professional bodybuilder on steroids. He had a handsome face with a short beard and a flawless mocha skin tone. His hair was sandy brown and shoulder length. He was walking up and down the length of the garden patrolling the women. Kokou was a level 150 berserker and looked like a heavily armored tank. The only thing that gave away his race were the two long fox ears cutting through his hair and the long singular fox tail behind him.

Finally Jessicas main avatar was on the opposite side of the grounds watering various plants. Her name was Lilitu and she was also a celestial although she sub-race of angels known as demons. Lilitu shares many similarities to stereotypical demons in Judeo-Christian beliefs. She has pink skin which darkens to a vibrant red along her limbs. As a member of the demon race she has two scars on her back from where, according to lore, all demons had their wings removed as punishment.

She has long and flowing jet-black hair which is usually in a long French braid. She has two horns which extend upward from her forehead with a slight swoop backward. Each of her horns have five gold rings with various gems and magic enchants. She also has notably longer, and sharper canine teeth as compared to humans. Her eyes change colors every few minutes thanks to an item Jessica purchased in the Cash Shop.

Her clothing consisted of long elegant and intricate black and silver robes with sterling mithril plate armor over her torso. She also has sterling mithril arm and leg guards. The armor over her robes produce purple sparks of energy which crackle around her. Her robes also have different magical seals placed on them along with other trinkets on her belt. On each of her fingers is a different ring all of which are magically imbued and glow while using magic.

Jessica walked over to Lilitu as she watered the garden. The avatar paid her no mind and just continued to play out her set animations. Once Jessica was within a predetermined range the avatar set down the watering can and faced her with a slight smile. Jessica looked Lilitu up and down admiring the curves of her avatar slightly jealous of her physique. Jessica then reached out her hand and stepped into the Lilitu becoming the avatar. Everything shifted around her and in a blink she was inside of her room in the guild hall.

The room was fit for royalty though overly indulgent in complex gold engraving which lined the trim of the deep brown wooden walls. Heavy blue curtains broke up the dark wood and gave the regal space a breath of color. Above the bed a magic chandelier stretched like many branches of a tree across the entirety of the ceiling. Even the impossibly long arms of the golden light fixture were inscribed with beautiful patterns that would make any craftsman jealous of its perfection. The room was the personal space of the guild master and its overly lavish design was a product of Cash Shop and crafted items. As the guild master this was Jessicas private room and she had full reign to design it as she saw fit.

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