lue dragons.

At first, when he fell ill and was abandoned by the original owner, he was quite depressed, but with the love and comfort of the hospital family, he regained his bright and easygoing original appearance.

Sky is now the mascot of Cloud Animal Hospital.
Because he has a painful past, I want him to live that much happier now.

I’m about to put on the coat, but Blue dragon rushes to me and clings on to me.
This started happening after returning late from the bookmark meeting a few days ago.

“Blue dragon, it’s too cold outside, so you should stay at home.”

“Piya piya piyaang!”

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The blue dragon squealed like he didn’t like it, raised small claws and pecked it into my coat, clinging to it.

“Ah really… what should I do with this boy?”

Reluctantly, I wrapped the blue dragon in a warm blanket and put it in the carrying case.
I also put a few hot packs on the bottom of the mobile station to avoid him getting cold.
After the horns on his head started to stand out, I couldn’t take him to the hospital during the day, so I’ll go with you to show my sister.
It’s definitely not because I lost to Blue dragon’s cuteness.

There is a restaurant with delicious sandwiches near the cloud animal hospital.
It is open until late at night, and you can order from the outside window without entering the store, so it is a favorite place for veterinary hospital customers.

“It’s been a while, student Myung-hoon, is your sister working overtime today?”

“Haha, I tell you every time I come, but I’m not a student anymore.
It’s been so long since I graduated.
Ahjussi you’re staying healthy right?”
TN: I don’t know about western culture, but in Korea people tend to ask if you’re healthy to ask how you’re doing.

“As the days are getting colder, my limbs are aching, but it’s still bearable.
Is Baek-ho in the bag?”

“Oh, no.
It’s a new kitten.”

“Oh really? Looks like Baek-ho got a younger brother.
Head in now.
I also added handful of fries.
It’s on the house.”

“Thank you so much.”

Sky was receiving sap in the hospital room.
He just looked like he had no energy and was in poor condition.
The white hair, which was as soft as silk, looked weak, and there was no strength his the eyes.
In the cabinet, Sky’s favorite snacks and wet food were placed in a bowl, but there was no sign of him touching it.

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“He’s not eating.
I’m worried.”

“He’s lost a lot more weight than the last time I saw him.
How’s the blood test result?”

“There is no clear cause, but there are high levels of inflammation and anemia.
I wish it wasn’t for peritonitis.”

Feline peritonitis is scary.
Diagnosis is difficult because the cause or treatment is unknown, and in wet peritonitis filled with pleural effusion or ascites, the fatality rate is close to 100%.

“He doesn’t try to eat anything, so I force feed every three hours, and he spits out almost everything.
I’m upset because there’s nothing more I can do other than getting him the sap.”

“Noona, let’s eat some sandwiches.
Noona you need to eat and replenish your strength to take care of Sky and see other patients.”

I took my sister to the waiting room and opened a sandwich bag.
My sister grumbled that she had no appetite but still managed to eat a sandwich.

“Did you bring Blue dragon? He must be feeling cramped, take him out.”

“Yeah take a look at Blue dragona as well.

There are no blue dragons in the mobile station.
Obviously the door was closed well, but the door was open and the carrier was empty.
There are a lot of hot packs on the inside and it’s still hot inside, but where did the blue dragon go?

My sister and I got up in bewilderment and looked around the waiting room.
I can’t find him no matter where I look.
Could it be that the door was open outside the hospital? No way.
By the time I came in, he was definitely in the mobile station.
Did you follow Sky into the patient room?

I opened the door to the patient room.
The blue dragon was there.
He was standing on his hind legs in front of the patient room, with his front feet on the door, his nose pressed against the door, and facing Sky with the door in between.

The Blue dragon’s horns were shining.

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