Ah-in took some pictures of the white tiger and the blue dragon.

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“I got really good photos too.
If I post it on social media, I’ll become a star soon, but it’s a pity.
I think it would be better if I just changed the name a bit.”

“The name?”

“It’s so small and cute to be a blue dragon.
There is a saying that goes after the name, but the name is old, it’s too ancient.”

“You know, Baek-ho is a name that my father gave.
It came about because we matched Blue Dragon with a name that went well with Baek-ho.”

My father does calligraphy as a hobby and he likes to read ancient texts.
When I first picked up the white tiger, he rolled up his arms saying that you would name the kitten himself.

After thinking about it for two days, he simply named it Baek-ho and put the words 白虎 on the basket he prepared for the kitten’s bed, making his family laugh.
TN: Characters mean White Tiger which is Baek-ho

My name, Myung-Hoon, and my sister’s name, Myung-Seo, were also given by my father, but it seems to reflect my father’s retro hobbies.

“Well, whatever the name, Blue Dragon will grow up to be a wonderful cat.
It’s already so cute and unique.
I’m looking forward to the day she becomes an adult.


Ah-in and Blue Dragon held hands and laughed, and Baek-ho looked at it with a father’s smile.
Yeah, I’m looking forward to it too.
I’m a little anxious

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November is almost over, and the weather is very cold.
As I was writing in every corner of the house, I was so exhausted that I went to the park to do some exercise for a few days and then stopped catching a cold.

I had no appetite, so I bought a basket of tangerines to supplement my vitamins.
Blue Dragon crawled up on his lap as he wrapped himself in a blanket and croaked to eat a mandarin orange.

“Pi rong~”

Blue Dragon’s voice, which used to cry beep and beep, has changed a bit these days, making it sound like a cat or a bird.
Normally, it is close to the sound of a cat, but when you are excited, it rises like a bird and rides a rhythm.

“Why? You don’t hate the smell of tangerines? Baek-ho has already run away so far.”

“Pi rong Pi rong”

“My blue dragon likes swimming, likes tangerines, and everything cats hate, right?”

Blue Dragon took a piece of tangerine, held it with his front paws, and sat like a squirrel on his hind paws and sucked it on his side.
A cat sitting and eating a tangerine, posting it on social media is a hit… I shook my head at Ah-in while thinking the same thing as her.
Tangerine is not the problem.
It won’t be a hit, it’ll be a riot.
It’s called a horned cat.

On the small head of the blue dragon, there are now two distinctly horn-like projections, as small as a fingernail, but clearly sprouting.
The reason he enjoys sitting like a squirrel is because his hind legs and lower body are well developed compared to his small forelimbs.

He eats cat food and cat treats without hesitation, but also eats vegetables and fruits frequently.
He like lettuce and bananas, but today I see that they eat tangerines too.

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“Oh, no, no! Not the coffee!”

“Pi oww!”

“Ugh! My laptop!”

The blue dragon eventually spilled the coffee.

“Ah, what are you going to do about this, you troublemaker! Yesterday you tore up all the toilet paper and today you spilled coffee!


“It’s no use pretending to be cute and covering your eyes.
You need a spanking!”


“Baek-ho, why are you like this again!”

I put the troublemaker Blue Dragon face down and pretended to hit him in the ass, but Baek-ho intervened.
he shoved my hand over his head and quickly bit the blue dragon’s back and escaped.

Oh ho, you can’t take him away, are you going to be responsible for Blue Dragon’s bad habits?

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Baek-ho ran away from my hand, biting the blue dragon, put it down, and slapped the blue dragon’s nose with its front paw.
Pyaaong! Blue Dragon, who protested, got another blow on his nose under Baek-ho’s stern gaze and fell flat on his face, crying sadly.

Ahh, you wanted to discipline him yourself?

I wiped away the coffee spilled on my laptop and sat down.
I can’t do anything because I keep coughing and the fever rose.
It would be nice to have a drink of porridge, but I don’t have the energy to boil it.
I have to go to bed early today and go to the hospital tomorrow.

It would have been helpful and helpful if I had picked up a catfish instead of a cat.
I was wearing a duvet all the way to the end of my head, thinking uselessly, and my trembling body became warm.
Baek-ho clung to my back and the blue dragon clung to his chest and sang a lullaby song.

Aren’t they great snail brides? With the warm cats on both sides of me, my trembling body subsided and I fell asleep.
I don’t usually sleep with Blue Dragon because he’s too young to be crushed when I lie down, but I can’t push him out today.
TN: Snail in the morning but is a pretty bride at night, preparing food and doing housework for the man in the story.

I fell into a dark sleep and woke up coughing a few times, and it seems that I fell into a deep sleep only to wake up in the middle of the night.
Is it dawn because the windows are dim?

As I was about to lie down, something flashed under the blanket.
I unintentionally lifted the blanket and found a blue dragon sleeping on me, and there was a soft glow near its tiny head.
I rolled up the blanket to take a good look, but there was nothing around the blue dragon.
Did I see it wrong? I think there was something shining like a firefly around the horns.

I put it on my pillow so that the blue dragon did not fall on my body and went to sleep again.

When I woke up in the morning, I felt refreshed as if my body had been washed.
The cold seemed to have improved because it was good to sleep with the cats.
I didn’t take any medicine and I’ve never had a cold so quickly, but it’s amazing.
I’ve heard that cats have a healing effect, but I wonder if it’s true.

When I got up and moved my body, I felt very good.
I really think it’s all better.

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“Pi yong”

“Is Blue Dragon awake too? Are you hungry? I’ll give you some food soon.”

I should eat something, but the blue dragon begged me to eat it sooner than usual, so I feed the cats first, but the blue dragon eats a lot of food.
He ate so much than usual that I was worried about him getting an upset stomach.

“My little boy, did you secretly go somewhere for a night drink while you were sleeping? Why are you eating so much?”


The blue dragon wept as if it was unfair.
Blue dragon must have been full as his belly was big.

Come to think of it, I think I saw the blue dragon’s horns glowing in my sleep.

I hugged the blue dragon and looked at the horns.
The pale ivory horns were now about half a finger high, smooth and opaque, but not shiny at all.

“Was it a dream? I must have seen it wrong in my sleep.”


The blue dragon looked away a little and made a smiling face.

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