The blue dragon, who was 1 month old, was weaned and started eating the soaked feed, and I sighed.
How happy it is to fall asleep without waking up in the middle of the night.
To truly appreciate it, you need to experience not having water, air, and sleep.

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I finally got my hands on my main job, which I had abandoned for so long.
Saying it’s my main job sounds too grandiose, but I’m a novelist.
One of the fantasy novels I wrote for the first time had an unexpectedly good response, so I went down this road and got decent results.

However, since last year, I have been thinking about whether it is a slump or not because the English text has not come out properly.
This year, I was planning new writing early to try to participate in a contest at the end of the year, but since Blue Dragon came to my home, I couldn’t sit at my desk calmly all October.

“It’s already November.
But it’s not too late yet! Let’s do our best and work hard!”

It was challenging to get the head back on again, as I had not been using my brain for a month from feeding Blue Dragon.
Thinking back on the material I had envisioned before, it didn’t seem reasonable, and while I was looking through this and that material, Baek-Ho cried from behind as if to see this.

“What is it?”

When I turned around, Baek-Ho was proudly sitting next to the cat’s toilet and waving his tail softly as if to take a look at this.
A little blue dragon was giving her strength in the bathroom filled with sand.

“Hey, did Blue Dragon learn to use the bathroom? Oh, you’re so smart! Baek-Ho taught you well!”

The blue dragon dug in the sand and had a bowel movement, then jumped out of the box and hovered around as if hoping for a compliment, meowing.
Baek-Ho smiled like a proud father, covering up the parts of the box that the blue dragon had not been able to cover.

The cat’s nature to use the toilet on its own without being taught is very strange.
If you have a large cat next to you to watch and imitate, it will learn faster.
But to think our young Blue Dragon would be so brilliant, as expected of a cat… Wait, he is a cat, right?

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After being freed from breastfeeding, I left the childcare to Baek-Ho and devoted myself to writing.
Since there is one more mouth to feed, I should have worked harder to earn money for feed and sand, but for some reason, writing became more and more difficult.

The story that developed very plausibly in my head was not really cool when translated into writing, and I went to sleep thinking that what I wrote at night was good, but in the morning, it felt like trash…

It’s a contest, and once I can write something I like, I can offer it to someone to read it, but the stress I got from raising Blue Dragon had accumulated, and my head ached.

Should I listen to some music? I was rummaging through my list of saved music when my phone rang.
Ring Ring.
The caller is Kang Ah-in.

“Hello, are you Ah-in?”

– Oppa, what are you doing? You haven’t contacted me.
TN: Oppa is what a girl would call an older guy.

“Uh, I’ve been a little busy.
How are you?”

– I’m doing well.
You’re not sick, are you? When Hae-in Oppa called you, he said that you were dying.
And you couldn’t call him any longer because you needed sleep.

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Ah-in is the younger sister of my best friend, Hae-in Kang.
Since she was young, she grew up in the same neighborhood, and I was close with her parents, so I am close enough to be her cousin, ​​if not her real sibling.

– Whoa! A kitten? One month now? You were like that because of feeding the cat.
Can I go see your cat or Oppa? I want to see Baek-ho, and I want to see the baby cat too.

I also want to show you, but my cat is a little special… I don’t know if I can disclose it.

Ah-in had a rather aggressive personality, unlike her delicate appearance, so she pushed me to come to her house while she was babbling and canceled her promise.

Hae-in and Ah-in’s family love animals, but her mother is allergic, so she can’t keep them at home.
So, he would always come to my house and play with dogs and cats to get satisfaction.
But, ironically, her mother is the one who likes animals the most in her house.

It’s like her sister, so there’s no tension, but her college girl comes home and needs to clean up her clothes.
After a while, I opened the windows, vacuumed, dusted, and mopped.

In the meantime, there’s one thing I’ve recently discovered: Blue Dragon isn’t afraid of vacuum cleaners.
Most young cats are so scared of the sound of the vacuum cleaner that they hide in a corner and tremble.
As the name suggests, the brave blue dragon! The way he is proud of defeating the vacuum cleaner is so cute that I want to bite him!

Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve seen Blue Dragon clenching his teeth.

Mandible refers to a movement in which a cat exhales air by exposing its teeth as a sign of alertness or threat, making a ‘mandible’ sound.
Seeing him gnaw his mandibles like this, it seems like a cat again.

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“Oppa, I’m here.”

I lived in my hometown in the same neighborhood, so I saw Ah-in almost every day.
After independence, we didn’t see each other as often as before, but I did see Hae-in often.

When I saw you a few months ago, you looked like a little girl, but now you’re a young woman.
Ah-in is pretty.
Sooner or later, you’re going to make guys cry.

“Hey, our Ah-in has grown a lot!”

“My Oppa has just become a father!”

“What the hell, still, if I go out, it’s still-“

“Kyaa! Aww!”

Ain didn’t listen to me and ran to Baek-ho and Blue Dragon.

“So pretty.
Look at the eyes.
The color of the hair is also fascinating.
Oppa, what breed is he? I’ve never seen hair like this.”

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“I see you for the first time.
I don’t know the breed.
Baek-ho has picked him up.”

“It looks lovely, but I’ve never seen a Russian Blue with such a deep blue color.
Is it a mix? It’s adorable.”

Ah-in looked at the blue dragon and smiled so happily that everything around him seemed to light up.
Blue Dragon also seemed to like Ah-in.
Except for my sister and me, it’s the first time someone else has met Blue Dragon, so I’m glad it’s not shy.

“Can I take a picture of him? I’ll post it on Instagram.”

“Oh, can you not do that right now.
As you can see, he’s a bit special.
Also, the hair color.
It could be a mutation, so I will not disclose it.
I hate to talk about people.”

“Okay, that might be it.
So what if I just showed it to my mother?”

Ah-in’s mother likes animals but can’t touch them because of allergies.
Instead, she enjoys looking at pictures and videos.

“······· Only show it to the aunt and do not spread it to other places.

“yep, yep!”

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