In the artificial pond made round around the fountain, water was about knee-deep.

There are streetlights on the side of the promenade, but no lights on the side of the fountain.
There seems to be a separate lighting in the summer, but there isn’t one now because it’s winter.
It was dark and I couldn’t see well, but the water didn’t look very clear.

In summer, I came here thinking of the scene where children ran and played in this fountain, but on a cold and dark winter night, it feels different.

Our blue dragon was raised cleanly for three and a half months after birth, and only played in clear water.
It would be nice to have a wide area, but I can’t let him play in this kind of water since he’s still a baby.
Even if it seems like he doesn’t get cold, I don’t think I want to bring him out to a place like this in the middle of winter.

“Ah-in, look at this, the water doesn’t look clear.
And it’s still too big for Blue Dragon.
I should just buy a kiddie pool or something.
If there is no space I could move my bed out of the way or something.”

“Yeah, I thought it would be good for the blue dragon to swim in a larger area, but it’s actually a little different from what I thought it would be.
It’s a little sad, but…”

“I was tempted for a moment too, but I heard there was an assault here not too long ago.
Don’t wander around in a place like this at night, let’s go home quickly.”

“Well, I think I can at least protect myself.”

“Ah be quiet.
You don’t know how scary the world is yet.”

You can’t tell from Ah-in’s appearance, but she owns a purple jiu-jitsu belt.
Hae-in and I went to a Taekwondo dojo together since elementary school and learned jiu-jitsu when we were a little older.

Because of that, my self-esteem was hurt a bit, and I had no interest in martial arts, so I just finished a few years and only got a blue belt and quit.
Hae-in quit later than me, and she continued until she was the only one of us to wear a purple belt.

She was so talented that the people at the dojo wanted her to go out to competitions.
And there were times where people were flirting with Ah-in got a scolding from her.

“You’re really cocky.
Would someone you meet at practice be the same as someone swinging a metal pipe? Didn’t you hear Mr Sandwich? You’re out of your mind.
It’s different from just a bad guy.
let’s hurry.
Since I’ve been here for a long time, it feels like someone is watching, and I’m feeling freaked out a bit.”

So, I thought that the park tour in the middle of the night would end with a simple one-night event.
I didn’t know at the time that I would get entangled with the park again soon.


Splash splash!

Blue Dragon is having fun in the newly purchased kiddie pool.
Ain bought it as a sign of an apology for making me walk to the park in the middle of the night.
Apology to me, a gift to Blue dragon.

Thanks to that, the room became quite small, but if my little one is happy, then I’m fine.
I’m just sorry about Baek-ho’s limited space for activities.

It would be nice if the pool could be put in the bathroom, but there was a washing machine in the bathroom, so there was no space for the pool, so I just put it under the cat tower by the window.

Baek-ho is lying on the top of the cat tower to avoid water drops.
I’m looking down at the little boy with his chin on his front paws as he swims flutteringly on all fours, it was so cute.

“Piro Pirong~”

The blue dragon cried in a joyful voice.
Blue Dragon’s appearance is still a kitten, but his fur begins to change when submerged in water.
When dry, the fur is thick and soft blue-grey, but when soaked in water, it turns into a translucent blue like jelly and has a lustrous sheen.
When touched, it is soft and stretchy, yet firm.
It was very beautiful to see the grains glisten in sunlight.

As with all kittens, the eyes that were blue-gray when they were young are now starting to show their true color and are gradually changing to vivid amber.

I lay on my bed and started reading the book I had borrowed from the library.
I borrowed books about dragons at random, and no matter what I read, they were not similar to our Blue dragon.
But there were so many interesting stories that I enjoyed reading it.
When I go down to my hometown during Lunar New Year, I have to ask my father to find out if there are any old books related to it.

“Piro Pirong~”

Suddenly, a round head popped right in front of my eyes, and I was startled.
It seems that the blue dragon has just finished playing in the water.
He put his front paws like glutinous rice dumplings on top of the book I was reading and rubbed his moist hair against my cheeks.
Is it cat time again?

“Boy, this is a borrowed book, you can’t get it wet, so move.”

The blue dragon does not get wet even in water, but his outer coat is still moist.
It’s a borrowed book, so it shouldn’t get wet even a little.

I checked the water in the pool where the blue dragon was playing.
Can I use it one more time?

It’s something I’ve felt since I started using the baby bathtub, and it’s amazing that the water the blue dragon played in doesn’t get dirty.
Occasionally, there are a few hairs of cats floating around, but I haven’t seen any muddy water or sediment.
Is this also the power of the blue dragon?

The blue dragon kept sticking to him, so he put away the book and stood up.
I ate breakfast late, and I skipped lunch, it was already sunset.
What do you eat when you go out? It will take some time, but shall we go to the Sandwich Uncle’s shop?

The night I went to the children’s park with Ah-in, the new menu that my uncle made was really delicious.
It’s not a sandwich I usually eat, but a tortilla stuffed with meat, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and beans.
It’s not a sandwich, it’s a burrito.

Shall we go eat one more time? I also bought some for my sister’s hospital.


“My little one, would you like to go together?”

For a while, Blue Dragon didn’t want to leave me when I went out, but he’s been fine these days, but he seems to want to go out with me today.

“If we go with our little boy, it is difficult to ride the subway.
It’s because you look so striking.”

“Piro pirong”

“Yeah, let’s ride a bike for exercise.
You get some wind too.
It’s getting dark, too, so no one will know that you’re in the bag.”

Baek-ho, who doesn’t like going out, stayed at home, I put the blue dragon in a carrier, fixed it in the back seat, and rode the bicycle.
Oh, it’s a pretty cold day.
It was warm all winter, but it’s gotten colder the past few days.
Even though he is wearing a hat and a scarf, as he rides a bicycle, the tip of his nose is cold and tears came out.

“Hello, uncle.
Why are you out?”

When the old man who was walking outside the store saw me, he was startled and grabbed my arm.

“Did you, come after hearing the news? Why did you come here? Quick, go.”

“Huh? Go where? I came to buy a burrito.”

“What do you mean a burrito.
Go see your sister Police cars came and went in front of the hospital before and it was noisy.
I couldn’t go because there was a customer, but real estate agent Lee over there said that the iron pipe in the park, that guy came out again.”

I started running before he finished speaking, but his voice followed me from behind.

“I don’t think anyone was hurt!”

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