I didn’t realize because I saw him every day, but it seems that the color of the blue dragon’s hair has gotten a little darker and shiny.
After hearing Ain’s words and touching Blue dragon’s fur, it felt a little more elasticity than usual.
Before going into the water, it was as soft as usual, but does this only happen when he’s in water?

“It would be nice if the blue dragon could swim in a wider area other than the baby bath.”

Ah-in, who had been muttering, suddenly opened her eyes.

Isn’t there’s a children’s park behind Myung-seo unnie’s hospital.”

“Yes, there is.”

“There is an artificial pond that children can play in in the summer.
They come about knee-high and have a fountain in the middle.”

“Will it have water in winter?”

“The fountain is not running, but there is water in the pond.
They change the water too.
It was warm this winter so it might not have froze.
What if we let the Blue Dragon go there at night to play? It’s a children’s park, so there is no one at night.”

“Still what if they see him even thought it’s at night?”

Having said this, I was also a little persuaded.
Maybe not if it was summer, but since it’s winter, there’s probably no one there at night.
It is also a bit far from residential areas.

Seeing a blue dragon splashing in a small baby bathtub makes it feel like a big goldfish in a tiny bowl of water.
At first, the bathtub wasn’t small for Blue Dragon, but it seems that he has grown a lot.
I want to let him swim in a larger area, but if someone sees him, I’m worried about what would happen.

“There are only two entrances to the park, one on each side.
I think it would be fine if two people watch the entrances as he plays.”

Ah-in’s eyes twinkled and was excited, so I was tempted to go for a walk tonight and go on an expedition.

So, Ah-in and I came near the children’s park in the middle of the night and stopped by a sandwich shop to fill our stomachs.

“Mister, haven’t you closed yet? Can I have a sandwich?”

“Is student Myung-Hoon here? I was just about to close down, but what up with you and Ah-in so late? Your sister left work already.”

“I didn’t come for my sister’s hospital.
I’m here for something else.”

“I see.
By the way, I have developed a new product.
Newly developed menu.
You should try it once.
Should I talk formally now that Ah-in is in university?”
TN: Korea has honorifics where you can use to someone in a formal setting.
It’s more complicated but this is the short answer.

“It’s okay.
If you talk formally so suddenly, I would feel awkward too.
Uncle, there’s a children’s park behind the hospital.
Are there people there at night?”

“Not sure? I don’t know because I don’t go there often, but there are no people in winter.
There won’t be more especially recently.”


“Someone caused a scene there a while ago.
I heard that he beat up a passer-by with something like an iron pipe for no reason.
No one was killed, but they were seriously injured, so police cars and ambulances came, but they couldn’t catch them.
Hearing from the witness, that person seemed like he had a mental problem.
Maybe he ran away to somewhere far, but I haven’t seen him since then where he ran away.”

After hearing that, I was a bit nervous, but since I had already came out, I stopped by the park once.
There were really no one near the park at night.
There was CCTV at the entrance and there was also in front of the toilet, but not at the fountain.

“Look at this oppa.
There is no one.
Would it be okay if we brought blue dragon here sometime?”

I looked around again.

If I bring Hae-in to the entrance and stand at the two entrances, I think we will be able to avoid other people seeing.

But there was an accident here not long ago, and is the water okay?

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