the bridge of the nose one by one from time to time, but he quickly forgets it and runs around, dropping or messing things up.
Even now, while playing and rustling in the plastic bag he has seen in the market, he gets caught in his handle and cannot get out and is crying beepingly.

Looking at him, he’s just a hungry baby cat.
I let blue dragon go and looked at his body.
At least once a day, the Blue Dragon’s body is checked for changes, but nothing new has been discovered yet.
Please don’t let anything appear anymore.

I organized the food I had brought from the market and took out a piece of chicken breast I prepared yesterday and a piece of white fish from the refrigerator.
Baek-ho and Blue dragon have slightly different eating habits, so Baek-ho likes chicken and doesn’t like fish very much, where blue dragon prefers fish.
Well, blue dragon likes everything.
Unlike a cat, he like fruits and vegetables as well.

I gave the cats a snack and I drank a strong coffee.
Although the weather is gloomy as if it will snow, it is a peaceful day.
The contest is currently being judged, right? I wonder how people would have read my novel.
There were no big battles, magic, hunters, monsters, etc., so it may have been read too boring.
Next time, I’ll try to write a more powerful and eventful novel.

I was going to rest without writing anything until the contest was announced next month, but fingers were itching.
It was funny seeing that I wanted to write something when I just stopped.
There were many times when I was scratching my head, regretting why I went down this road, and insisting that it would be better to find another way, but I forgot it all.
What kind of story should I write this time?



The Blue dragon suddenly made a fuss and I woke up from my imagination.
Ah you brats, I was just about to think of another great story idea!

“Ah what is it? I was thinking of a masterpiece right then!”


Blue Dragon was chasing something near the wall next to the bathroom, and Baek-ho was following him, concentrating.

“What is it?”

Something black and tiny was moving.
Oh my gosh! It must be an bug.
What kind of bug can be found in winter?

“Hey, hey, leave it alone.
You can’t eat that.
Your brother will catch it.”

While hurriedly looking for toilet paper and chasing after it, the Blue dragon moved sideways with its tail inflated like a raccoon tail, and violently showing off his teeth.

“Such a commotion after seeing one bug.
Get out of the way, hyung will catch it.”

Fortunately, it wasn’t a cockroach.
I picked up a small bug that looked like a tiny beetle or a rice weevil with a tissue and threw it out the window.

“Now it’s done.
Your brother got rid of it.
Aren’t I cool?”

“Piro pirong!”

Blue Dragon looked at me with respect with heart eyes, but Baek-ho just nodded his head a couple of times with a grin on his face and went back to bed.

I looked around the area where I first saw the bug to see where it came from.
If the bug did not come from outside and came from inside the house, it would not end with just one.
If there is a hole in the wall or there is a place for insects to come out, you need to act quickly.

“Uh? What is this?”

There was one more worm.
There was another one in the corner next to the bathroom, already dead.

“Why is this burnt?”

It’s a little burnt? There are no fires around here.
Why would this happen?

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