C13: There is no way my cat is a dragon (2)

“What do you mean monster or dragon? That doesn’t even make sense!”

If a kitten has a horn or a lump isn’t it normal to worry that it’s a disease like Ah-in?

A monster or a dragon, a child could have made that up but how does an adult think of something like that.

I expected some people to say that Blue dragon has a mutation or is like a monster when they first saw him.
But a monster! Me who got into a bad mood took Blue dragon back from Hae-in’s lap.
My little one, don’t get hugged by someone like that.

As I mentioned before, I read an article a long time ago that when a deforfmed cougar with a horn on its head was found abroad, it was said that it had been put on by a demon and killed.

“Bro, I said monster by accident, I’m sorry.
But don’t be angry and listen.
Myung-seo noona said that she didn’t know the cause and called it a mysterious cat? It is a mysterious animal because it already has horns with healing power, it might look like a cat, it may not actually be a cat.
A unicorn or a dragon.”

I knew that our Hae-in was innocent, but he was a much brighter soul than I thought.

“Brother, unicorns are horses and dragons are reptiles, so where are you putting them? It’s not at all similar.”

“That’s right Ah-in.
Your brother seems to be very drunk.”

“Did someone see him?”


Hae-in had a face of a child who was dreaming.

“Who saw it? Unicorn or Dragon.
No one’s seen it, how do you know what it really looks like? After all, they are creatures of legends and fantasy.”


“Though… but there was a creature similar to something in the past, so maybe that’s how it was passed down?”

As Ain couldn’t give a straight answer, Haein smiled.

“It could be, but what about just imagining it? Myung-hoon, a kid who says you’re writing a fantasy novel doesn’t have that much imagination? Our blue dragon.
It has magic horns.
Unicorns are rejected because they have two horns and webbed toes.
Are there bumps on your back that might become wings? I cast my vote for Dragon.”

Hae-in had a little too much wine.
Yes, you also read fantasy novels when you were young.
Maybe you liked dinosaurs when you were younger?

“There is a saying that the model of a dragon is a dinosaur.
But isn’t it? Did you know that the young tyrannosaurus had hair, not scales? It is said that the body of a dinosaur was not scales or skin like a lizard but was covered with raw feathers like a chick’s down.
It is a theory published in the British Nature journal in October 2004, and many fossils have supported it since then.”

You dinosaur maniac, did you still like dinosaurs?

“I heard today that Blue Dragon cries when excited, which is different from that of a normal cat.
Piro Pirong! Isn’t it closer to the sound of a bird than a cat? I don’t know how the dragon hatchling cries, but wouldn’t it sound like his?”

Hae-in took the blue dragon out of my arms and held it.

“Blue dragon, sing like before.
Peep, Piro Pirong ~”

With a puzzled face, Blue Dragon looked at me, Hae-in and Ah-in alternately, and finally looked at Baek-ho.
Baek-ho, who was watching this commotion behind my back, crept down and covered his face with his front paws.

“Blue Dragon.
Piro Pirong ~”

Blue Dragon reluctantly opened his mouth.
again and again.

“Me, Meow……?”

It was the first time I knew that cats could read Korean books.


I stroked the blue dragon’s back.
The lump on the back did not get bigger, but it got a little longer.
It grows thinly under the skin along the shoulder line and toward the back, but it is difficult to notice unless you touch it.
Could this be a wing?

No, no, I can’t be bothered by Kang Hae-in’s nonsense.

After spending a chaotic Christmas at our house, Hae-in and Ain returned home.
Hae-in has a strangely excited face, and Ain has a face that is utterly confused.

Of course, both of them promised to keep a secret about the blue dragon, and they asked me to take good care of blue dragon.

Listen to me seriouly.
You may have been given some divine mission.
Take good care of our blue dragon.
I trust you.”

“…why is he your blue dragon?”

That bastard has fallen into a very delusional world.
He looks like he came out of a webtoon, do the women that chase him around know that?
TN: A Korean way of saying good looking.

But I keep thinking about Hae-in’s words.
In the meantime, I wondered if it was a mysterious cat, but I was worried that it might be a deformity causing a disability.

Whether it’s a dragon or a hatchling, because he said it so seriously, it sounds crazy.

“Blue Dragon.
What are you really?”

The blue dragon, who was lying on his lap and holding his feet, looked at me and cried a little.

“Me ow ng?”



“Just cry like you used to cry…….”

“Piyao ~ PiroPiro!”

The blue dragon’s expression brightened and he rubbed his head onn me.
I hugged the blue dragon tightly.

“My little one, are you worried? It doesn’t matter if you’re a dragon or a unicorn.
Even if you’re a hatchling, I’m okay with a monster.
don’t worry about anything You are just my cat, our blue dragon.”


For some reason, I remember my older sister saying when she saw a blue dragon that it was like ‘another creature pretending to be a cat’.

“Baek-ho, did you know this and pick him up? Did you pick him up without knowing it?”

Baek-ho was acted like he didn’t hear it and walked towards a place with sunlight.


It’s a new year On the morning of New Year’s Day, the weather is crisp and cool, but the clear sunlight is refreshing.
May this year be a good year for everyone.
For our cats and other animals too.

My parents and Hae-in’s parents had not yet returned from their trip, so Hae-in and I went to my sister’s house and had tteokguk.
It is scheduled to go down to the main house during Chinese New Year.

“Uncle, why didn’t you bring Baek-ho?”

“I heard that there is also a kitten that Baek-ho has picked up.
I wanted to see him.”

Although my sister’s son is still young, he is like his mother, loving animals and taking good care of them.
Because he likes Baek-ho so much, I often take him to my sister’s house, but I didn’t bring him this time.
I couldn’t just leave the blue dragon at home alone, what would happen if I took the blue dragon as well?

“You said his name was Blue Dragon? I really want to see him.
My kindergarten teacher also raises cats.”

I imagined a picture of his nephew who went to kindergarten came to mind.

“At my uncle’s house.
There is a cat with horns on its head.
It sings like a bird.”

No, no, no!

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