C12: There is no way my cat is a dragon (1)

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Ray’s adoption applicants he met at the hospital were very nice people, so the adoption process went smoothly.
I visited the adoptive home myself as I was dropping off Ray, and I saw that the place was nice.

The yard was large enough for Ray, who was active and would grow up to be a big dog.
It seemed to Ray that the yard was not a well-maintained ornamental garden, it was a yard where dogs and children space to run around as they wish.

Their younger son, who is in the 6th grade of elementary school, had a smile on his face as soon as he met Ray, but he didn’t rush up to Ray but waited for Ray to approach him first.
He carefully lowered his knees and lowered his posture, then when Rey wagged his tail and then poked his head towards him, he then reached out and pet his head.
Seeing how he was treating Ray, I could tell that he is caring and great with animals.

“You had a tough time right? You won’t be getting hit at our house.
I’ll give you a lot of delicious food.
Let’s go for a lot of walks with hyung and me and have fun.”

Seeing the child’s attitude towards Ray, I was able to leave without any worries, so I returned with a happy heart.

It is sad that people or animals are not loved as much as they love them.
In the case of affectionate dogs like Rey, there are many cases of blind affection for their companion, but Rey has only received a response with violence so far.
Now I can forget all the painful memories and live with love and love to my heart’s content.


The streets are full of carols.
Munsu’s Pepperoni was even more colorful than usual with the decorations of the Christmas tree and colored light bulbs.

“Friends, try this, it’s a Christmas special.”

Even in the midst of hectic work, Munsu took separate tables for Hae-in, Yuri, and me.
The Christmas special pizza was made with a red color using tomatoes and pepperoni, a green color of arugula, and white with fresh mozzarella cheese to create a Christmas atmosphere.

“Wow, this looks charming and looks delicious as well.
I think you could sell this even when Christmas is over!”

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“Charming? Like the fruit of good and evil?”
TN: Fruit that Adam and Eve ate.

“Yuri how is your writing?”

“Yeah, I write whenever I can, but it’s not easy to find time because I write after work.
When is Myung-Hoon’s contest going to announce the finalists?”

“They said early February.”

“I wish you get great results.”

“Thank you.
I hope you write good as well.”

Yuri went to a publishing house, and now she has the dignity of a working woman.
When she was a student, she was just like a young girl, but I guess I could say that she has grown up and is more sophisticated.
She has good interpersonal relationships, I guess you become more mature when you get a job.

“Ouch! Spicy.
Munsu, do you have milk?”

“Oh oppa, lower your voice, why did you eat jalapenos like that!”

Seeing Kang Hae-in, I guess jobs don’t change everyone.

“See you Yuri, it was fun today.”

“Yeah, if my sister’s family from Canada didn’t come, I’d go with Myung-hoon’s house as well.
I’m be leavingn because I told my parents and sister that I would spend Christmas with them.”

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Yuri went home, but Hae-in and Ah-in were excited like two puppies and urged me.

“Let’s go quickly, I miss Blue Dragon.”

“Oppa, I also bought a Christmas present for Baekho and Blue Dragon.
Oh, I also have a brother.”

“Ah-in, don’t you have a boyfriend? Why do you hang out with your oppas instead of your friends?”

“What are you talking about, I turned down a bunch of dinner requests to go see Blue Dragoon.
It’s fine because I always hang out with my friends.
Let’s go quickly.”

I can’t tell them to go spend the day with their parents.
I can’t tell them I have to go spend the day with my parents because our parents went on a trip together.

Well, I’ll try to hide it as long as I can, but what can I do if they do find out, they’re Hae-in and Ah-in.

Thanks to the tipsiness of the wine we drank together over dinner, I headed to our house with the Hae-in and ah-in.

“Wait here.
I’ll clean up a little.”

“What are you cleaning up for? It’s not like we’ve only been to your place once or twice.”

“It’s just a moment.”

I put Hae-in and Ah-in outside, walked in, quickly grabbed the blue dragon, and put on the clothes I ordered a few days ago.
Red Santa’s vest and red fur hat with white fur rims.
It’s Christmas right now, so it won’t look awkward if he wears it, and it would be suitable for today.

I also ordered a white tiger because I thought it would be awkward if only the blue dragon was wearing clothes.
Baek-ho is Santa’s outfit with a hood.

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Baek-ho looked a little annoyed, but he wore it well without making a fuss.
It’s only for today, so be patient.

Because Blue Dragon is still a baby, the clothes and hat are a little big, but it suits them very well.
my baby is pretty too

“Come in now.”

As soon as Ain entered, she screamed and hugged the blue dragon.

“Oh my God, you have a good sense of humor.
You’re so pretty.
They’re like dolls.”

Blue dragon was surprisingly comfortable wearing clothes and hats, so it seemed like he could get through the night safely by playing well by not getting his hat taken off.

“Let me hug you too.
He’s so cute.”

I thought that until Hae-in hugged him.


“Bro… what’s this on his head?”

I mean, why are you taking off the hat he was wearing!

“Um, so that’s a long story.”

Next to me while I was talking, Blue Dragon played with the ball that Ah-in bought, and Hae-in and Ah-in listened to me with serious expressions.

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“So, you’re telling me something appeared on his back? I wouldn’t know unless I feel it.
It felt like something long.”

“He’s still a baby, but he’s so gentle and cute, what if this is a serious illness?”

Ah-in had tears in his eyes, but Hae-in looked at the blue dragon for a long time with a serious face and then put his hand on my shoulder.

“Bro, don’t be angry and listen.
That’s what he is saying.”


“I don’t think that’s a cat? If you have horns on your head, something grows on your back, likes to swim, and if you don’t have a belly button like he was from an egg, and the horns on his head have healing power…”


“A cat monster or something.”



“Ow, why are you hitting me? Can I not say that? That or… it’s a dragon.”


A dragon? hatchling? You’re drunk, aren’t you?

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