Click, click,

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I’m clicking so hard right now that my fingers hurt.
I have had a cat for a long time, but I have no interest in this kind of thing, so I didn’t know there were so many online shopping malls selling pet clothes and accessories.
Dog and cat clothes, as well as hats, scarves, various costumes, and fashion glasses are diverse, and the number of items a lot.

Originally, my theory was that it is better to raise animals as naturally as possible, so I had no interest in clothes or ornaments worn on animals.

Maybe some dogs will need clothes to go for a walk on a cold day.
There are some cats who like to dress up, but most cats don’t like to wear clothes.

Unless they had surgery and needs a cone, I don’t like to force them to wear anything.

I once volunteered at an animal shelter.
Dozens of dogs or cats enter the shelter every day, and in some cases they were abandoned, but in many cases they are simply lost.
Even with a necklace with contact information on it, the guardian could have been found, but it was not the first time that a puppy wearing pretty clothes and dyed ears and tail didn’t have an identification tag, so he couldn’t find his owner.

In shelters, if the owner or adoptee is not found after a certain period of time, they are euthanized.
This is because there is not enough space and manpower to keep them, and I have often seen owners of dogs or cats who have already been euthanized visit the shelter belatedly and weep.

It was too painful to see such things, so I did not volunteer for a long time at the shelter and so I quit.

However, I am also diligently clicking the mouse.
To choose the blue dragon’s hat and clothes.

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I’m not into fashion and don’t have many clothes myself but I am looking through clothes for cats online.
I couldn’t believe myself.

Of course, I buy it because I need it.
On Christmas Eve, I was going to meet Hae-in and my siblings, but we decided to eat at pepperoni, but he might come to my house after that.
To prepare for that, I live to cover the projections on the blue dragon’s horns and back, but if possible, I should buy something pretty and comfortable, something that suits the blue dragon well.

Is this what a single father who chooses clothes for his daughter feels like?

“Blue dragon, how about this? You like it? I don’t know if the horns will be well covered.”


“Our Blue Dragon, anything goes well with him, but isn’t there something that’s a bit manly and cute? They only sell things that are too shabby.
Our little one would look better in a sporty one than a flashy one like this.
Let’s find some more.”


I hold the blue dragon with both hands, and put it to the picture of the hat on the monitor, but somehow the back of my head felt weird.
When I turned around, Baek-ho was looking at me like I was pathetic.
Oh, I feel ashamed.

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Ring ring ring ring.

“Oh, Noona.”

– Do you have time today? Can you come to the hospitaㅣ?

“Uh why?”

– Ray’s prospective adoptee is coming today.
The person who lives in Yangpyeong that I talked about last time.
They want to take Ray with them as soon as the adoption is confirmed today.
Can you take Ray to them in my car?

What time should I go?”

– They said they are coming at two o’clock, so come around then.

I hope they are a good people.
See you later.”

Ray is a dog being cared for at the hospital.
It’s a young dog about 5 months old now, but it’s a hybrid of a Siberian Husky and a Jindo dog, so it’s already a bit bulky.

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Ray’s original owner is a man who runs a construction material factory in Gyeonggi-do, and he adopted him as soon as he was weaned to raise him as a factory keeper.
However, when he discovered the habit of eating his own feces, he said that he would change that habit, and he beat Ray every day.

It is the same with human children, but a bad habit cannot be corrected by hitting.
Ray, the dog, who had no education, was stressed the more he was beaten, and his food symptoms got worse, and the owner beat him even harder.

Someone said that he could see Ray licking his owner’s hand even after being beaten like that, so an employee at the factory secretly took Ray out at night and released him to a distant place.
I thought it would kill me if I left it alone, so I’d rather go out on the road and live as a wanderer.

But the next day, Ray was beaten by his owner and dragged his swollen leg back to the factory.
It is said that the owner kicked such a Rayy without mercy.

“I bought it because it looked pretty but it’s eating shit.
If you’re going to run away, don’t come back.
Why would you come back? You’re getting beat until you bleed today.”

One of the factory employees subscribed to my sister’s personal blog.
Her older sister also writes on her blog about domestic cats and abandoned animals entering the hospital, and also writes about adopting animals that have been rescued and treated.
There are not many animals that meet good families through her blog, so she runs it consistently even when she is busy.

The employee left a secret message on her sister’s blog, appealing to Ray to help, and the older sister spoke directly to the factory manager and persuaded her with her kind words, and took over her.

Ray, who came to the hospital, was treated and received enough food and love, and in just two weeks, she completely changed her eating habits.
She is a pure white puppy that only resembles a Jindo and a husky, and everyone who sees her admires her for being gentle and handsome.

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At first, she used to be startled when people raised her hand, but she loves people and is a hungry dog, so she doesn’t know how happy she is when people treat her at the hospital.
She is also friendly with other dogs and cats.

There were many hospital guests who liked Ray and considered adoption, but the conditions for adoption did not fit well as she is a breed that will grow to be a large dog, so it is difficult to raise it in an apartment or a small room.

The adoption applicant visiting today is a middle-aged couple living in a detached house with a large yard.
He will have a friend because they already have one dog at home.

Ray, who was adopted when he was 2 months old, said that by the time he was 5 months old, there were hardly any days he wasn’t beaten.
Nevertheless, I hope that Ray, who is infinitely gentle and kind, receives a lot of love and lives happily, so I want them to be good people.


“You’re happy too right? Blue dragon.
Ray is about to be adopted.
Let’s pray that he will meet a good family.”


As if the blue dragon could understand my words, it cried making bird noises and jumped around.
He grew a little so he can jump quite high.

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