It was already December.
Another year is coming to an end.

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It is said that this winter is not as cold as usual and the days are warm, but even so, it is still winter, so it is cold when sitting at a desk.
Sitting on an electric blanket on the floor of the room, wrapped in a blanket, and tapping on the keyboard of my laptop placed on a small table, my legs became numb and I carefully adjusted my seat.

Blue Dragon, sleeping on my thigh, licked his lips again as if in a sleep talk, and then Baek-ho, who was sleeping on the back of my foot, lifted his head once and then put it down again.


I frowned and swallowed a moan.
I have to choose between putting them off my legs or sitting cross legged! I guess I’ll wait a little longer like this.

The dark feet of the blue dragon that stretch out into the air, and the pink soles of the white tiger, who lie quietly, are distinct.
In technical terms, they are called grape jelly and strawberry jelly.

I squeezed the small paws of the blue dragon slightly.
warm and soft The reason why this winter feels less cold may be because these guys are by my side.

I’m prone to colds, so I always have a cough in winter, but I haven’t had a runny nose or cough since the night that Blue Dragon healed me.
Even if I sit for a long time, I do not feel tired as easily as before, so my writing work has become more resilient.
Our blue dragon is a blessing in many ways.
Baek-ho, who has picked up such a blessing, is, of course, the original.

Ring ring ring ring, Sender Hae-in Kang.

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“Uh, are you Hae-in?”

– Yes, it’s my brother.
what are you doing?

“What else, I’m writing.”

– Can I go to your house with Ah-in? Ah-in wants to see Baek-ho and Blue dragon.

“Uh… it’s a bit difficult, but I’m preparing for a fantasy novel contest.
This is the final stage of the manuscript.”

– Bro, isn’t it too much these days? You don’t come out, you don’t let us visit.
Do you have a girl?

“No, it’s really because of the contest.
There is no time because it closes in ten days.
I’ll see you when I finish and submit the manuscript.”

– I get it.
I’ll see you at Christmas Write the manuscript well and contact me when you are finished.
I hope you win it! Good luck!

It’s true that the contest deadline is only ten days away, but there are other reasons that keep friends from coming home.
I sighed and looked at the blue dragon.

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I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep hiding about the blue dragon from Hae-in and Ah-in without anyone else knowing about it.
These days, I’m preparing for a contest, so I’ve been told in advance that I should focus on writing, but if it were normal, Hae-in would have just come by without a call.

It is no wonder that Hae-in is upset because we suddenly banned entry while we were going to each other’s house as if it were our own house and sleeping for several days.
We’ve been hiding nothing from each other all this time, but I’m also deeply sorry that Hae-in doesn’t know the secret of Blue Dragon.

The Hae-in siblings have grown up together since they were young, so they know each other well, but they aren’t the kind of people who gossip about the blue dragon, so how about asking the two of them to keep a secret? Although Hae-in has a light mouth, he knows how to keep important things.

As for the horns, it was a mutation, a teratoma tumor, or something, and I asked my sister to pick a suitable disease name…


I was thinking about this for a while, but when I woke up, the blue dragon looked up at me with his round eyes.

“Our blue dragon is so cute, but we can’t show him to anyone, and we can’t always hide it in the house, so what should we do?”

Fortunately, it’s a cat, so it’s okay to live indoors.
If I were a dog, I would have to take him for a walk every day.
I guess I should have bought it fur hat or something.

Blue Dragon tilted his head and jumped off my leg, licking his fur thoroughly and grooming himself.
Oh, now you’re good at grooming yourself?

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Cats are really hard-working animals.
Because they sleep so much, they stay awake during the day a lot, but I spend about half of that time on grooming.
Lick and grooming the hair on the back, belly, and tail of the body as well as the arms and legs, and wipe the head, face, ears, etc.
that cannot be reached with saliva on the front paws and wipe again and again.

This kind of licking is called grooming, and it is a very important task for a cat.
However, Blue dragon wasn’t good at grooming because he was young.
And every time, Baek-ho would grab a blue dragon, sit him down, and lick his whole body, but now that he’s a little older, it’s strange that he is grooming himself up quite a bit.

– Thud.


The blue dragon, who sat on its hind legs, grabbed the tail with its front paws and licked the tip of its tail, and fell over.
As I watched, I burst into laughter, and the blue dragon sitting up got angry and turned around and sat down and pounded the floor with his tail.

“I’m sorry, are you angry that I laughed at you?”

I pat him on the back to comfort him, but there’s some bulge under her shoulder.
No, what is it this time?

I looked through the blue dragon’s fur.
Under the thick fur, small lump-like projections are hidden behind each shoulder, one by one, seemingly invisible.

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It’s not surprising anymore, my little one like an onion peel that keeps popping up until I peel it, what else is this? Are the horns coming out of your back now? Doesn’t the difficulty increase too much to pretend to be a mutant or a furry hat?

I was writing a novel about the cat with hidden powers, and my kitten has also become a kitten who also has secrets.


– Bro, are you finished?

“Yeah, it shipped today.
Now we have to leave the results to god.”

– Good work.
You wrote well right?/

I worked hard on my own, but I don’t know what it will be like because the material isn’t a trend these days.”

– I worked hard, so it will be good.
Or maybe it’s a good experience.
In my next post, everything will be blood and flesh.

It was written when I was happy with the warm energy of Baek-ho and Blue Dragon, and I liked it in my own way, but I try not to expect too much because it is far from mainstream.
It would be nice to even just hear some constructive criticism.

Will I be able to survive in the midst of the countless SSS-rank, heavenly demons, hunters, and regression novels?

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