“Noona, look at the blue dragon!”

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The older sister came to the hospital room belatedly and looked inside.

“Oh, are you comforting Sky? Blue Dragon is really nice.”

“Didn’t you see the blue dragon just glowing with its horns?”


As soon as I saw the blue dragon’s horn, the light disappeared, so my sister couldn’t see it.
The older sister held the blue dragon up and touched his head and horns.

“When I opened the door, the horn was shining softly here.
I definitely saw it.”

“Really? didn’t you see it wrong? It’s normal now, don’t worry about it.”

No, noona… what do you mean.
It’s already not normal for a kitten to have horns on its head.

I stayed in the hospital for a while, then got up with the blue dragon.
For some reason, the blue dragon seemed to be rapidly losing his energy, so she thought it would be better to go home quickly.

When I got home and took out the blue dragon, the blue dragon did not play as usual, but staggered, laid down in Baek-ho’s arms, and fell asleep immediately.
The weather was so cold, was it a bad idea to take you out? Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to bring you to Sky who was sick.
I regretted bringing Blue dragons there.

Blue Dragon looks weak, so I can’t do anything.
I can’t even write because I can’t get a job.

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If I still have no energy tomorrow, I also fell asleep thinking that I will have to take her to my sister again.


I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a blue dragon.
The blue dragon was tickling my face under my chin.

“Is the blue dragon okay now?”


“Why? Are you uncomfortable?”

I rubbed my eyes and sat up.
Blue Dragon sat down in front of the feed bowl and looked at me and wept.

“Is there no food?”

In our house, in the morning, if you pour a day’s worth of feed into a bowl, Baek-ho and the Blue dragon are free to feed themselves.
Baek-ho gets feed for adult cats and blue dragons gets feed for kittens, and they always eat their own feed.
I always adjust the amount so that there is a little left over in the morning of the next day, so there is no way there should be no rice at this time.

The blue dragon sat in front of the tableware and pounded his tail to urge me.
Rubbing his sleepy eyes, he looked closer and saw that there was not even a grain of feed.
You didn’t give me less than the other day, so why did it disappear so fast?

When you pour new feed, Blue dragon eats like crazy.

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“You’re going to get a stomach ache, little one.
Eat slowly.”

Come to think of it, hasn’t this happened a while ago? On the day I had a bad cold, the blue dragon inhaled the food like this in such a hurry.

Blue Dragon ate three or four times the amount he normally ate at once, and then drank water as if he was full.
Seeing that he has strength in his gait and eating well, he doesn’t seem to be in pain, so I went back to sleep in peace.

Tiring Tirring! Tiring Tirring!

Who is calling at this hour? I clumsily moved and picked up my phone,

– Myung-hoon, Sky is eating!

“Uh… huh?”

– Sky is eating rice, and our Sky got up and eats by herself after 5 days!

“Really? Noona, that’s great!”

– I don’t know why it suddenly got better, but I’m so happy to see that the Sky is feeling bettter.
Sorry if I woke you up.

“No, no, thanks for letting me know, you should get some rest as well.”

My sister was crying because she was so happy.
I also woke up to have a cup of coffee or a cup of coffee.
At the feet of the white tiger and blue dragon were sleeping peacefully.

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Wait a minute, now that I think about it……

Even on the night I was sick with a cold, I saw the blue dragon’s horns glow in my sleep.
At that time, I faintly looked at it in my sleep, so I thought I had misunderstood it, but yesterday, for a brief moment, I clearly saw the blue dragon’s horn shining in the sky in front of the hospital room.
And Blue dragon was very hungry, he inhaled the feed several times more than usual, and I got better from my cold and the sky got better.

I touched the tiny horn of the sleeping blue dragon.

“Boy, can you heal people with your horns? Did you heal me and Sky?”

Was it because the blue dragon was in a much more serious condition than when he healed me? It is understandable if the reason he was so hungry was because he had consumed his body’s energy.

My little boy is so small that he uses his stamina to treat me and the sky.



Blue dragon, who was disturbed in his sleep kicked his leg back kicking my chin with his back legs.
The blue dragon pushed me away and mumbled something, dug into Baek-ho’s arms again, and I touched my chin.
I need to cut this guy’s toenails.
Ah it stings.


“So, the horns of blue dragons have healing powers?”

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“Noona, I can’t say for sure, but I think it’s almost certain.”

“Hmm, I haven’t seen the blue dragon with its horns shining, but seeing that you are so sure, you’re probably right.
The sky was miraculously healed, too.”

I was at my sister’s hospital.
Sky is now completely healthy and was sitting next to my sister, waving her tail softly as if she wasn’t sick.
Her hair was as shiny as before, and her golden eyes gleamed with vibrancy.
You seem more healthy than before you got sick.

“Noona, shouldn’t Blue dragon get his horns checked?”

“Would it work in a test? He is already beyond our knowledge and science.
It’s a mysterious cat.
I’ve known since it didn’t have a belly button.”

The older sister took a sip of coffee with her eyes widened as the sky was taking care of her.

“Don’t go anywhere and talk like this, keep the Blue Dragon out of sight and be careful.
When the sky meets and the blue dragon loses his energy, it’s not like he’s an easy skill to use.
If you see bad people, be careful as it can cause serious trouble.”

“Yeah, I know…”

If people find out, they might even try to eat it.
There are a lot of people who eat and watch anything that is good.

When I got home, the blue dragon was swimming in the baby bath, singing to the peeps.
My swimming skills have improved since then.
It was a bit disappointing that our house didn’t have a bathtub.
If you have a bathtub, you can swim in a wider area.

Let’s work hard.
The deadline for the contest is just around the corner, so I’ll do my best to write it down.
If you work hard, you might be able to move into a house with a bathtub someday, right?

Someone said the bigger the dream, the better.
That way, even if it breaks, the pieces are large.

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