Several days after my visit to “Cuffs” store, the day finally came.

“―Well then, I am going to end today’s morning meeting.
Oh, Teacher Kanaki, please stay back for a little bit.”

Sanson’s words had drawn the assembly to a close at the beginning of the week.
My attention was once more riveted to the fact that this moment had finally arrived.

“The two transferees are already here.
They are in the student guidance office waiting for you, so could you pick them up and escort them straight to class?”


“…I am sorry for the inconvenience I have brought to you in regards to Ms.
Ortesia and the transfer students.
But please understand that this is not because I have imposed a burden on you, but simply due to my high expectations of you.”

“…I will strive not to betray your expectations.”

Feeling a sudden gaze, I snuck a glance to the left and right only to be confronted by Tupel glaring at me.
While the surrounding teachers shot chilly looks at him, the person in question didn’t seem to have caught on and was firing resentful glances in my direction.

His gaze, which remained fixed on my back, did not dissipate until the door to the staff room shut all the way.

Standing before the door, I heaved a sigh that I had been suppressing.
Having been affected by last week’s morning meeting, I had more or less foreseen that he would bear a grudge against me but had not reckoned that he would unleash his vicious intent on me so explicitly.

I was planning to push the matter about him to a later date, but this would oblige me to accelerate it a bit.
I have truly been marked by a troublesome man.

Without revealing it on my face, I spewed a curse at Tupel only mentally, and then approached the front of the student guidance office and regulated my breathing for once.
For the transfer students, I would be the next teacher they would meet after Sanson.
Establishing an intimate relationship with them would be easy in this position, but there would also be the risk of failing to make first contact, which would cast a negative image that would be tough to dispel later on.

Well, all I had to do was to behave the same harmless me that I have always been.
I had been portraying this role all my life, therefore, I was no stranger to it.

After knocking, I opened the door.

“I am sorry, I am late.
I will lead you to the classroom now, so will you follow me?”

Please look after me… huh?”

In the room were two students seated.

Both had raven black shiny hair like that of Japanese and pearly eyes.
They both shared the same slanted eyes and well-defined noses, which was no wonder that they were brother and sister.
They were indeed a pair of charming siblings.

But what was going on here?

The younger sister was the one who tried to return the greeting in a polite manner.
She rose from her seat and bowed to me, but stopped at the half-bent position.
Her face was frozen as if she had witnessed something horrific.

“? What’s wrong?”

“Hey, Shizuku.”

The younger sister, who was called Shizuku, seemed to literally spring back to life when the older brother called out to her.

“Oh… E-Excuse me.
He resembled someone I know… but I was mistaken.”

“What? How come I never heard of anyone with a face like this that you know… it hurts!”

“Enough, big brother.
Making such a face at the teacher is outrageously disrespectful! Please excuse my brother’s incredibly impolite behavior…”

Shizuku poked against the side of his brother’s head with her elbow and bowed apologetically to me.
At that point, the unnaturalness of the previous moment was absent.
Apparently, it really seemed to be simply a case of mistaken identity.

“Ahaha, it’s okay.
The two of you seem to be getting along well.
Shall we go then?”

Right as I left the room, a sound of a bag being carried behind me filled my ears.

At a glance, their appearance may seem like that of ordinary students, but they were both second-class magicians, which was quite a feat.
Furthermore, since their role was to covertly protect Karen, it would be safe to presume that they were a couple of ranks higher than the average second-class magician.

For now, the key will be to develop a relationship of trust with these two people as much as possible.
So far, things have been progressing swimmingly.

Having a casual chat with them, I walked up to the classroom, informed them to wait in the hallway, and went into the classroom by myself.

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