could only be attributed to her daily training.

Standing up in a daze of vision, Fina caught sight of Eraser, who was enveloped in purple electricity.

The thought of it being lightning magic crossed her mind, but she soon realized that it was moving to crawl over the wounds of Eraser’s body that had been bashed open by her earlier offense.
That was when it occurred to Fina that, after all this time, there was a characteristic of Eraser that Rain had mentioned to her before the operation.

“Are you… immortal?”

“Well, who knows?”

In no time at all, Eraser’s wound was sealed, and they tilted their head as if to brush it off.

“…The wanted poster needs to be corrected.
A monster like you can’t be anything less than rate A.”

“Please spare me that one.
I desire a life of peace and tranquility.”

“What nonsensicality… cough, cough!”

A coughing fit interrupted her speech halfway through, and when she finally took her hand off her lips, a trickle of blood seeped out.

“Perhaps some part of your internal organs was damaged because of what just happened.
I suggest you undergo medical treatment at the earliest opportunity.”

“…What exactly are you planning? Since a while ago, you have been cutting corners and caring for the enemy… Even if you wanted to stall time, wouldn’t it be more efficient to just kill me!”

“You are not my adversary.”

What came back to Fina, driven by frustration, was a startlingly gentle tone of voice.

“Besides, the assassination of the princess is not something I have any fascination with, nor do I have any inclination to be a part of it.
For a small-time villain like myself, the crime is too grand.”


Eraser shrugged their shoulders in a cheeky manner.
For an unknown reason, that gesture stirred a sense of déjà vu in Fina.

It was as though she had come across someone who resembled this person’s atmosphere in some way…

Fina’s heart was ceasing to beat.


A deep intake of air was inhaled, and Fina’s entire body began to shudder belatedly from the present overwhelming surge of bloodlust with her heart resuming its throbbing.

“What… just…”

The words that slipped out of her mouth unwittingly were remarkably quavering.

Fina’s words, though, didn’t appear to be noticed by the person in front of her who was the source of the bloodlust.

“…That person… at this timing…? No, it’s too early to return after finishing work.
According to the schedule, wasn’t it supposed to be a long time before returning back…!?”


This time, a scream burst from between Fina’s teeth as the abnormal bloodlust was released a second time.

“…You must be joking.
Even as a joke, that woman is taking things too far…!”

Eraser’s body was unexpectedly overpowered with a phenomenal amount of magical power as they let out a voice that demonstrated their outrage.
The magnitude of magical power was unrivaled that of the earlier Eraser.

Shattering the roof with their stomp, Eraser turned into the wind and vanished into the darkness of the night in that state.

The failure to grasp what had occurred caused Fina to remain in a trance for a while, but she snapped out of it eventually and began to head back to the hospital, straining her wounded body.

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