I am afraid I will have to treat you in that scenario.”

At this point, a female student who had been standing back like a follower―a girl with a face like an oriental―took a step forward.
Ortesia finally let go of her stern demeanor and adopted a smile akin to the Holy Mother.

“Thank you, Fina.
But as of today, I am now enrolled here as a student likewise.
I’ll accept it as a gesture since I don’t think it’s appropriate to treat me differently just because I’m a princess.”

“Hah, please pardon my outburst of opinion.”

What was this?

The exchange that took place in front of my eyes between the royal family and their attendants left me feeling bored to death.

It had been a while since I arrived in this world, but this was the first time I had actually encountered such a person.

“…Is there anything the matter?”

“―No, I am simply delighted that we have another dependable first-year student this year.”

“Oh, thank you.
Teacher, I hope you will be as dependable as I am.”

With a smooth sarcastic smile, Ortesia went straight into the school building with a student who looked like a follower.
As she passed by me, her hair was fluttering in the wind and the scent of gardenias wafted through the air.

A seemingly fascinating first-year student has also joined the school this year.



I sensed a glance on my cheek as Fina, a student who resembled a follower and was accompanying Ortesia, passed by me.


But it lasted only a fleeting second.
When I turned my head, the gaze disappeared, and the two of them were gone into the school building.


The dean of the Selbeth School of Magic was delivering a monotonous speech during the entrance ceremony while looking at a piece of paper in his hand and rambling on.

I rubbed my eyelids and stifled a yawn, trying to suppress the impulse to fall asleep.

“You look very sleepy.”

Xenia Marius, who was standing next to me, spoke to me in a whisper.

“Well, I had some things to deal with yesterday.
Aside from that, it’s become a conditioned reflex for me these days to crave to sleep at the sheer sight of the dean’s face.”

Just like Pavlov’s dog, I added in my mind.

“Indeed, the dean’s talks are always dull.”

Xenia was the second-youngest teacher, after me, among the faculty.

As an alluring woman, her mature and sexy appearance has earned her high popularity among her students apparently.
The only flaw in her character was that she was an alchemy geek and would talk about the wonders of alchemy in class while inattentive to her students.

“Even so, aren’t you in a tough spot, Teacher Kanaki?”

“What do you mean?”

“The class you teach.
You have to oversee the first grade in addition to serving as the school nurse.”

“Ahaha… Well, the teachers are short-staffed this year.”

I offered Xenia a bitter grin as she lowered her eyes in compassion.

Due to a teacher shortage in the first year, I was assigned the responsibility of teaching homeroom even though my primary role was to tend to injured students in the infirmary.
Accordingly, the hospital assigned a nurse to work in the school infirmary under the pretense that she was my assistant, but the workload was still excessive.

“…That’s all because of the cases of the disappearance.
It really has made things raucous in this city, hasn’t it?”


As Xenia said, there have been a number of disappearances in the City of Seal.
The culprit has yet to be discovered and the stationed troops have been struggling to find the culprit.
Furthermore, on the list of missing people was also the instructor who was meant to be in charge of my class.

The dean was still continuing the speech.
I softly looked at the girl in the front row who was listening to it.

Princess Ortesia, who had also given a speech as a representative of the new students, listened to the dean’s speech without making the slightest movement.
Even the faculty members’ eyelids would naturally droop as they listened to the dean’s speech.

How could she be so serious? If only she weren’t in my class and didn’t adhere to the ideals of the competency-based approach.

At the prospect of the misfortune that awaited me and the never-ending talk of the dean, a sigh left my lips.


“Teacher Kanaki! Didn’t you yawn when the dean was giving us a speech earlier?”

I was halted in my tracks as I made my approach to the classroom by a female whose energy seemed to have taken shape.

“Oh, Arti.
You were on the same page with me during the ceremony earlier.”

“Oh, Teacher Kanaki, you were watching over me! I’m so happy!”

It was meant to be a retort, but when she was so pleased with her broad smile, I let out a sigh.

“Seriously, why are you sighing? You have the most miserable look on your face.”

“Arti… well, you’re certainly not directly involved.”

My impending first homeroom with my students was the real cause of my faltering steps.

Every student in the class will be meeting each other for the first time at this time, and our own Princess will obviously be present in the homeroom.

When I received the class roster for the first time in the morning, I unconsciously cast my eyes upward.
Why was the name of the Princess in my class, as if she were a pinch hitter?

“It didn’t particularly bother me that the Princess thought less of me, but it would be disastrous if the rest of the class did the same.
The worst thing that could happen to me would be if the class entirely lost coordination.
That’s why I thought I should get a firm grip in the first homeroom…”

“I see, it seems like you are prone to be underestimated based on your face…”

“Arti, when you say it, it’s fifty percent more convincing… but yeah.”

I took a deep breath out and changed my mind right then.

After tightening my tie and adjusting my jacket, I flashed a smile at Arti.

“Now that I’ve spoken my true feelings to you, I feel a bit better.
I’ll focus on doing what I can right now.
Thanks for listening to me.”

“…No problem.
Good luck, Teacher!”

Arti’s encouragement drove me to resume my walk down the corridor.

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