”Anisa, where are you coming from? ” Her aunt asks sitting in a corner of the room, legs crossed.

A smile plays on her lips and she rolls her tongue around her mouth before speaking up.

”Last time I checked, aunt Taylor…..you
e not my mom. Im supposed to be asking where you
e coming from as you barely sleep in the house. The late nights, the guys…I would love to shower and rest if you don mind, Im famished. ” She said and walked out on her.


*4 weeks later*

She sat quietly in her mansion, thinking of what happened 4 weeks ago, she suspected pregnancy and it was true. She wasn ready to have another child but then it came. She took out her phone to dial Adelita, she answered the phone after a short time. They get on talking, from greetings to asking about well-being.

”I think he deserves to know. So what? Are you going to abort the child? ” Adelita asked.

”No, no. I can do that. I don want to have anything to do with Mateo. ”

”You have to tell him, besides itll benefit you if you guys get married because you wouldn have to return to Spain, youd just reside here because your husband is an American citizen so itll be a walkover for your green card. And Sofia too, don you think she needs a dad? ”

”Ill think about it. ” She said and hung up.

She paced up and down the room thinking…

”Andaline! ” She yelled and Andaline came knocking on her door.

”Please, bring my daughter to me. ”

She resumed pacing up and down the room, she was very bothered and was already starting to think of how life would be with this arrogant, grumpy human when Andaline walks in with Sofia.

”Thank you. ” She said and Andaline turns on her heels to leave when Anisa motions her to sit.

”Hey, baby, ” Anisa said, hugging Sofia.

”Have….youad something? ” Sophie asked.

”No…. ” She paused. ”What do you think of a daddy? ”

”Is daddy coming home? ” Her face lit up with a smile.

”Something like that. ”

”Yayy! Bring him then. ”

”What if its another dady? ” She observed her facial expressions for a while as the smile faded slowly.

”I want Daddy, màmà. ”

She pulled her into a tight hug and smoothed out her hair. ”Mommy has somewhere to go now. ” Anisa kissed her forehead before turning abruptly to Andaline, asking her opinion concerning her decision and Andaline gave a positive opinion.

They exit the room and Anisa walked into the kitchen.

”Gracey, please pack it up in a flask Ill eat when Im back, ” Anisa said before walking out of the kitchen.



The room was quiet, all you could hear was the sound of the chirping birds outside. Mateo rolled over after the sun cast its rays on his eyelids, he groaned and sat up, gently rubbing his eyes. The room was bright too. He stole a glance at the wall clock. It was 8:00 am, and he hadn even done anything useful.

He got out of bed to freshen up and probably leave, the doorbell rang and he opened it. A short blonde lady walked right in with a tray containing concealed food.

”Good morning, sir. ” She greeted as she placed the tray down on the table.

”Sorry, did you by any chance see any brunette lady this morning? ” He asked as she was about to leave.

”Ah, yes. The janitor. ” Mateo rolled his eyes and shut the door in her face.

He finished up all he had to do and by exactly 10 am, he was home.

The mansion was empty as usual, he walked over to the wine cabinet and pulled out a bottle of wine. He had already poured out a reasonable amount ready to drink when Stella (his maid) informed him of a lady who was here to see him. Mateo wondered who it might be as he hadn met any lady just yet and the one he met last night, he was sure wouldn have a clue where he lived.

He gave her a look of approval to let the guest in. He walked over to the table and sat the bottle down before facing the window, sipping his wine.

The sound of heels clinked at every step the lady took. She stood behind him, and Mateo slowly turned around. He looked at her for a while with shock written all over his face.

”Remind me your name again? ” He said and continued sipping his wine. She flashed him a smile.

”I guess I didn do a proper introduction last time. Anisa Rodriguez, are you going to welcome me or not?! ” She said with a stern look plastered on her face.

”Ahh, miss Rodriguez. Im Mateo Fernandez. What do you want? ” He asked pouring out a reasonable amount of wine for her.

”Save your wine. Im pregnant for you. ” She stated and he burst out in laughter.

”Sorry, hows that even possible? ”

”Excuse me? You took advantage of me in my sober state and you
e asking how its possible?! ”

”We were both drunk. ” He said and this angers her even more. ”I have a solution for you. I would agree to take care of you and accept that child on the condition you marry me. ”

”I was also going to proffer a solution to this. I can marry you for you to take care of me and my child, Ive more than enough for that. Take a look. ” She says tossing a file on the table in front of him. He raised a brow at her before picking up the file. He snapped his finger and a man who looked like he was in his mid 30s stepped out. He whispered something to him and he nodded and left. The man returned shortly after with a file in his hands, Mateo took the file from him and handed it over to Anisa.

”Ive gone through this, I see its an old contract and one you want me to sign. It isn that recent. How long have you been in the states? ”

”3 months. You
e very much right, it isn recent. I made that contract when I first got here, for a contracted marriage, I need a green card and so its a contract my pretend husband would sign. Ive been so unlucky to find someone. ” Anisa stated whilst going through the file in her hands.

”I see. Youve got a daughter too. ”

”Yes. An inheritance? How important is this? ”

”Very important, its as important as your green card is to you. ” He said.

”Once we get what we want, wed split, ” Anisa stated.

”I can wait to split, ” Mateo said and Anisa rolled her eyes.

”Deal?! ” Anisa asked.

”Deal, ” Mateo said as they shook hands and exchanged the files. ”How did you know I live here? ”

”Don ask much, ” Anisa said.

”Ill get my men to bring your stuff over, ” Mateo said.

”I don need your filthy help! Ill get my stuff myself. ” With that being said, she walked away.

They had just signed a contract marriage, a fixed marriage.

Anisa got in her car, thinking and wondering, hoping she took the right step. The thought of having to leave with this cold man popped up in her head again and she sighed before starting the car.

She drove down the hilly road as she listened to her favourite song plays on the radio. The drive was a short and silent one.

She alighted her car and walked into the tall building that stood erect in front of her. She rang the doorbell when she got to the third floor and a redhead came out, beaming with smiles. They hugged each other in excitement before walking into the house.

”How did it go? ”

”Not bad. We both thought of proposing a contract marriage, it was fine. ” Anisa stated. Lita brought her a glass of orange juice as they discussed.

”Do you feel okay with this? ”

”I don know, I just hope I did the right thing. I don know how Im gonna live with that annoying butthead. ” Anisa said with a little frown on her face.

”Youll get used to it. ”

Kira ran out of her room at the sound of my voice, she hugged my legs and I carried her up, she reminded me of how Sofia would see me coming and shed spread her arms like she was an eagle and shed end up hugging my legs because shes short.

”Hey Kay, I got you something. ” She took out a bar of candy and put it in Kiras hand.

”Juan has been good, ” Lita said with a huge smile playing on her lips.

”Oh? I see. Extend my regards1 to him, Im afraid Ive to be on my way now. Ill need you to help me pack stuff tomorrow. Ill be leaving for Mateos house. Oh, I just remembered Ive somethings to do at the office before I get home. ”

”Okay, Ill come with Kira. I should get back to what I was doing before you came. Juan would soon be back. Thanks for stopping by. ” She hugged Anisa and saw her off before walking back into the house to finish up with the house chores.

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