The hunt was a simple but challenging one. As Lycurgus and Lysander made their way to the hunting spot it began to rain. Though it wasn a heavy downpour, they put the hoods of their ryuche over their heads to shield themselves from the oncoming storm.

”Ok look at this time of year Lancer-fish tend to congregate near rocky shores due to breeding season. With us stationing ourselves near the low cliff we should be able to catch one easily. ”

Lysander, who was holding most of the gear asked,

”How can we catch them from a cliff? ”

”The female of the Lancer species has a large dorsal fin on their back that sticks out off the water, Ill take Weavers Spindle and use it as a harpoon. ”

Lysander gave his brother an incredulous look.

”Do you really think itll be as easy as you make it sound? ” Lycurgus laughed

”Of course, not everything sounds easy when you
e talking. ”

Lysander and Lycurgus sat at the cliff waiting to spot a dorsal fin, as the waves lapped violently against the cliffside. They scanned them carefully, usually, the back dorsal fin was a han blue making it difficult to spot amongst the waves. Now and then they would spot a bluefin but would lose track of it within moments. Lysander was getting impatience when he spotted a sangria redfin and got Lycurgus attention.

”Brother look! ”

He said as he pointed at the fin dipping in and out of the waves. Lycurgus neck began to tingle as he spotted the fish

”The Red Lancer ”

he said in a low tone.

He grabbed two of the stone knives, infusing them with his Tarmata, he threw them with deadly precision into the beast. The Lancer fish reared its head out of the water revealing its immaculate lance-like snout. Quickly grabbing the rope attached Lycurgus yelled at Lysander

”Hurry and tie the ropes to the trees behind us! ”

Lysander scrambled to hurry as his brother fought to restrain the great fish. Lycurgus, using his Tarmata to strengthen his muscles, wrestled with the beast. He could feel the thrashing and the speed at which the fish moved, and it felt as if his arms were going to be ripped out of the socket.

Finally, Lysander finished the anchoring process and ran back up to Lycurgus. Lycurgus then switched from keeping the beast in tow to trying to pull it toward the cliffside. Taking slow, labored steps back Lycurgus began to make some headway lining up a chance for Lysander to throw more tethers into the fish.

The rain began to come down even fiercer as Lysander successfully landed three more tethers.

”Okay, now its time to strike. ”

Lycurgus said through gritted teeth. After tying the other three tethers Lysander took the position from Lycurgus bracing himself. The force of the Lancer was immense; it took all Lysander had not to let the muscles of his arms and legs rip and tear themselves apart. He let out an agonizing scream as the force from the fish began to make him drag forward ever so slowly.


Lysander screamed and Lycurgus wasted no time. He ran off the cliff, diving toward the Lancer fish at great speed, Weavers Spindle posed for the kill.

The force of the impact caused the fish to lash out in such a way that four of the five tethers uprooted the trees holding them causing Lysander to fall dropping the ropes. Lycurgus dug his spear deeper, but the fish only moved faster, diving deep into the water after snapping the last tether.

Lycurgus held his breath as the fish thrashed and swam around. It felt like the force would create a typhoon, but Lycurgus held onto the spear and dorsal fin for dear life. Using his fading strength, he pulled on the dorsal fin as he plunged his spear even deeper into the fish. Finally resurfacing he could take another breath as he twisted the spear trying to inflict more damage.

The fish raced towards the wall of the cliff as if it were going to slam itself into the rocks, but instead, it whipped itself at breakneck speeds trying to throw off Lycurgus.

Lycurgus grip slipped off the dorsal fin and as he tried to grab the end of his spear the wood snapped. Lycurgus went flying, and Lysander screamed knowing that if his brother hit the cliff face, hed be smashed into pieces.

Lycurgus, planning for this very contingency had tied thread up his entire right arm and connected it to the spear, using his Tarmata he stopped himself just shy of hitting the wall. The Lancer-fish continued speeding off pulling Lycurgus who was simply being dragged in the water at this point.

Lysander, thinking quickly, took the last of the anchor knives and threw all eight of them with three hitting deep enough in the target to stay. Unable to hold back the fish he jumped off the cliff towards Lycurgus, throwing the rope at him as he dived safely into the water. As Lycurgus was able to grab the ropes thrown his way began to pull on the ropes with all his might. Rearing the fishs fin out of the water he steered it towards the wall.

”How do you like your own move! ” he screamed at the fish as it tried to pull away, but it slammed its body against the rocks pushing the lance deeper in finally killing it.

The crash sent Lycurgus flying out of the water, still tethered to the now-dead fish he swam over to the shore. Painting heavily, he lay on the beach. Severe pain surged through his body, the fish must have torn some of his muscles and his right arm was dislocated from the throw-off. Lysander came upon shore shortly; he would need his help to pull this fish upon the shore. When Lysander saw his brother, he walked over to him.

”Agghhh, my muscles are killing me. Where is this stupid fish, Im ready to go back? ”

Lycurgus weakly held up an arm wrapped in rope. Lysander gave a tired sigh.

”Great. ”

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