After some time, Lycurgus stirred to see his mother next to a fire still working. At this point, she had plenty of thread and it looked like Lysander had brought her even more reeds to break down.

”Mom what are you going to make with all that material? ”

She looked up from her work, though her hands kept moving.

”Oh, you finally woke up. Over there is the thread for you to fashion your hunting spear, and other gear for your hunt of the Lancer-fish. ”

She said as she motioned with her head. He looked over and saw a small bundle of thread along with sharpened stones that had a hole made in them.

”Hmm, you and Lysander have been busy, speaking of Lysander where is he? ”

”Your brother is out getting us some food, now its your turn to be useful and get to crafting that spear. ”

Lycurgus got up and went over to the pile of supplies. He picked up Lysanders knife and looked at it for a moment. He then picked up the staff he found and bored into it. Taking the handle off the knife he then inserted the blade into the shaft. Taking the thread he tightened the wood around the blade handle, securing the blade. After inspecting his rudimentary spear, he showed his mother, who had finished making threads and was taking a moment to rest.

”Well, you know its custom to name newly formed weapons. ”

Lycurgus looked at his spear and pondered what he should name it. At first, he thought of the name Sabes meaning used, but he changed it to ”Lancer-killer. ” He said with a smirk. His mom raised an eyebrow

”Really? Lancer-killer? Aren you limiting its capabilities? ”

Lycurgus smile faded away

”Hmmm, I guess you are right. Well, then why else am I using this? ”

Shezira sighed

”I guess I can tell you my plan now. I am going to have you participate in the upcoming Great Hunt Festival. I need you to hunt the Lancer-fish to make that spear you have a formidable weapon to challenge your father. ”

A look of fear overcame Lycurgus face

”Challenge father? I cannot do that mom. ”

Shezira patted the pile of threads next to her

”Your fathers strength is indeed monstrous, but I will weave you armor allowing you to combat him, and your weapon should be strong enough to hurt him. The quicker you catch the fish the more time you have to train. You must succeed for all our sakes I doubt well survive a Malunod, not only that but we are banished if we stay in this cave the bloodline dies here. I refuse to let my sons die unfulfilled without legacies. ”

Lycurgus still felt uneasy in his heart, but he understood where his mother was coming from.

He held up his unfinished spear.

He thought of all that had happened and why he was even here to begin with. It was all due to the squabbles of a weaver, his mom. And this weapon, whether she said it or not, was nothing more than an extension of her skill and will. A tool, just like that of a needle or spindle. Then it came to him the name that was perfect for this weapon.

”Weavers Spindle. ”

Shezira made a surprised look ”Thats not bad Ly. ”

He looked at his mother wondering if she had understood the meaning behind his words. The fact that he knew this was all for her, even his being here was simply for her.

As Lycurgus was adding designs to the shaft of his new weapon Lysander came back with four small birds and a bushel of berries. He looked over at his brother and his new spear in horror.

”Yakgan-Yoshi! ” he cried out.

”Sandy don drop the food! ” His mother quickly called out saving the food from Lysanders brashness.

”Don worry Sandy after the hunt Ill reassemble Yakgan-Yoshi. But for now, this is Weavers Spindle. ”

Lysander stared at the spear. He hated to admit it but for it to be so rudimentary Lycurgus had made it look amazing, along with giving it a cool name.

”How are you going to give it a cool name and do all that showing off and all it is, is my knife on a stick. ”

Lycurgus glared at his little brother. But his glare soon turned into a smirk.

”Don disrespect my spear its not complete. Soon I will get rid of this crappy red knife. ”

”Hey don disrespect Yakgan-Yoshi! ”

Lycurgus stood up towering over his little brother, a smirk plastered on his face as Lysander looked up at him.

”Boys! Yall stop fighting you guys are brothers. ”

Lycurgus just chuckled at his little brother

”Ok mom. ”

Shezira shook her head

”You boys get ready for the hunt so you can get your knife back Lysander. ”

Lysander gave a dismissive look to Lycurgus.

”Ok, lets go I guess. ”

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