Some stories are built off hatred, some from revenge, but this is a story built off love and honor. In Tiziano village, a man known as The Leviathan had risen to power and ruled the village. His great strength had allowed him to successfully take great hunts to slay many of the beasts that plagued the fishermen of his village and the surrounding villages. In an attempt at conquest, he tried to make the other villages pay tribute in return, but he was met with great force from the other villages best fighters and hunters. Shezira, his fifth wife, saw her husbands failure. Being his least favorite wife and wanting his approval and affection she decided to use her skills as a Weaver.

She had to think of what to make first, she strolled down to the shore where they docked the boats to get a breeze from the sea and watch the fishermen. She thought of the adventures she used to take with Taryu before everything changed, his love for the sea was something he always had. She wondered what she could make that would help him conquer it. She felt a strong gust of wind and glanced out towards the fisher, watching as the wind tore his sail and he seemed to start cursing. She giggled at the old mans tantrum when the idea of what to make came to her. After taking a moment to figure out the dimensions, she knew what she would make.

Shezira knew that if she worked hard, she could make the gift before the great hunt festival. Shezira tolled for 23 days and nights, gathering waterbed reeds, striping the fibers, and then reweaving them into threads. Lacing each strand of thread with the powder of a crushed shell from an Ore snail and infusing her Tarmata to bind the materials together. On the 23rd night, she had finished her husbands gift, a nigh-indestructible sail that would be controlled using strings of Tarmata.

This sail would revolutionize his ability to traverse the seas. Due to the constant winds, the need for a rudder and oars would be completely nullified, allowing for the small ships to utilize more manpower for combat and raids. Although she had finished her masterpiece a tightness formed in her stomach, the thought of giving Taryu a gift made her uneasy. She didn even know how to get his attention it had been so long since he spoke to her alone. Nervous she approached the first wife, who was his favorite, for help and consul.

”Le, I have a gift for Taryu, ” Shezira said softly.

Her nimble fingers held out an ornate sail, decorated with his names sake, a Leviathan or Sea Serpent. Les eyes glanced across the tapestry critically, then darting up to Sheziras soft face with a smile pressed upon her lips. She quickly looked around her then grabbed Sheziras wrist pulling her off to a room ”Follow me Shezira. ” she hissed quietly. Shezira entered the room with Le closing the door quickly behind her.

Le snapped around

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