t she is the daughter of the county magistrate’s family—although she is a concubine.

   This prostitute is actually already engaged, and it was the baby kiss that her deceased mother decided for her.
Her prospective fiancé was also in good spirits.
She even passed the entrance exam and became a county magistrate after her expatriate experience.
By coincidence, she was in a neighboring county.

   Ordinarily, this is just right, and the two families just happily married.

   But the mother-in-law Dong hates Qiao Xuan’s biological mother, so how can she let Qiao Xuan marry an outstanding man who has a bright future and has been trained as a magistrate at the age of eighteen?
   So a while ago, he planned to coax Qiao Xuan to go out and incense incense, and someone coaxed her to the edge of the water and pushed her down.

   Originally thought that she was unaware, but Qiao Xuan was rescued by the groom in front of her, Shao Yunyun from Shaoding Village.

   This has a skin-to-skin relationship, of course, can only be married with a full reputation.

  The mother is so happy that her heart is floating.

   This is good!

  I don’t have to bear a human life, so I can relax both physically and mentally, and I can let Qiao Xuan resign and marry into a farm family and suffer for a lifetime, and never think about turning over!
   So, the mother-in-law told her husband, and resolutely resigned to Qiao Xuan to discuss the marriage.
No, she hurriedly married her to the Shao family.

  Qiao Xuan was distraught and confused.
She was guarded tightly in her boudoir and couldn’t do anything.
At that time, she still had a glimmer of hope in her heart.

  However, when she got married today, she quietly lifted the veil in the new house and saw the roughness of the house, like falling into an ice cellar.
   Unexpectedly, he was rescued in time by Shao Yunyun – it is not appropriate to say that, the original owner is still dead, and it is Qiao Xuan who has passed through.

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