A Beauty Single Mom

Who Is the Father?

There was no answer from Louisas mouth which made Darwin laugh, ”Oh … how could a rich woman like you want to be a tour guide for me, right? ” Louisa gave a faint smile, ”Rich woman, really? I look like that huh, hahaha … You
e too quick to jump to conclusions just judging from the outside. Being a tour guide for a day, of course its fine for me, just take it as sightseeing. Because I don need to go to great lengths to find a gift to suit your wishes, just arrogant and overbearing Master. ” For Louisa, being a tour guide is not something that is inconvenient or embarrassing, even though she is a boss who could order someone with just a snap of her fingers to become this mans tour guide, but she loves traveling.

”Well okay, if you are able to be a tour guide for me, Im ready to go now, miss guide … change your clothes, because its inappropriate for a guide to walk in a short skirt and blazer which makes it hot because the weather here is very warm and don forget to wear facial moisturizer because it will make your smooth facial skin burn and even peel off. ” Darwins words did not make Louisas guts shrink, on the contrary, she would see how tough she was to get through this summers day.

”Yeah fine I like the way you judge me … just wait in the lobby, Ill be down in 15 minutes. ” Louisa said cheerfully. Louisa left the room leaving Darwin and immediately entered her room which was not far from Darwins room to change clothes. A black crop top made from thin, slightly transparent material with a mini skirt made of jeans combined with flat sandals and her round hat became the outfit she wore in 10 minutes without wasting time.

Louisa walked quickly like a girl who wanted to meet her lover, until she reached the lobby where her bodyguards stood upright in front of the elevator to greet her. ”Don follow me, just watch from the GPS if you
e afraid of me, whats wrong with me, ” she ordered all of her bodyguards who could only bow respectfully without denying their wishes.

Louisa walked over to Darwin who was sitting on the couch reading a magazine there. His eyes glanced from the toes of Louisas smooth legs to the top of the body. ”How, suitable to be your guide? ” asked Louisa confidently in front of Darwin who nodded his head and answered, ”Suitable to be a couple who will have fun. ”

Louisa chuckled softly and just thought it was just a normal joke, then took Darwins strong arm and half dragged him, walking together out of the hotel. Darwin is not like other men who will take advantage of a beautiful girl who is hanging intimately in his arms. He tried to let go of Louisas hand in a way that accidentally dropped his cell phone down.

”Are you nervous about walking with me? ” mocked Louisa who watched Darwin cleaning his cellphone from the beach sand. ”Im used to hanging out with beautiful women so it doesn matter, ” he replied.

”Arrogant, ” continued Louisa, quickly responded by Darwin. ”Don tell me youll only be a tour guide around the beach, because I want to have fun all day. ” Louisa pulled her car keys out of her sling bag, looked at Darwin and made him chuckle.

”You must be a naughty rich kid who likes to spend money. ” sneerDarwin. ”Thats how bad you judge me, I told you not to judge someone by their appearance. ”

The two of them walked into the car park area and when the alarm went off, the car moved itself out of the parking lot and turned towards them. ”Wow, auto-pilot … you
e a spoiled child, ” Darwin Sneered again, which made Louisas eyes widen.

Of course she didn accept it because she is an independent woman, even though her familys inheritance will never run out and will continue to flow swiftly. The two of them got into the technologically advanced car, when it was about to walk Louisa took the wheel and controlled it, showing Darwin that she was a strong and independent woman.

The car started to speed up and Louisas first destination was Hana Road. The roof of the car began to open so that both of them were hit by a fresh breeze. ”Is it okay, you walk with me in a car with the roof open like this? ”

”Of course not, its fun. ”

”O, then no one will be jealous? ”

Louisa laughed at the question, wanting to say nothing but it was so sad. This man must be asking about her age and why she doesn have a partner yet, its really.

”No it won , take it easy … you want to have fun right, Ill take you to have fun. ” The car is driven with moderate power, so it can quickly reach the intended destination. When about to enter the Hana Road area, Louisa asked. ”Are you ready? ”

”For what? ”

”For this. ”

Louisa pressed the gas a little to make the car run fast, presenting a small and winding road with a steep cliff edge. ”Hey… you want to take me to the afterlife? ” complained Darwin who was a little afraid to see the view of the sea below, but Louisa laughed heartily, increasing the gas pressure in her legs.

”You are so crazy girl. ” Darwin was tense and Louisa was laughing and in time all the tension was gone because Louisa was very good at driving a car. Darwin enjoyed the strong winds and the beautiful view of the sea, its sparkling blue water as much as the woman sitting next to him at the wheel. Beautiful woman, friendly and has bright irish blue eyes. From yesterdays sadness, now he is given the appropriate pleasure to erase his hatred and heartache for the ex who betrayed him.

After walking around this place with pumped adrenaline, they head to the crystal clear beach and will do some snorkeling together. Louisa lightly undressed and left a brightly colored bikini covering the important parts of her body in front of Darwins eyes.

The man stared at her slightly dumbfounded, mesmerized to be more precise, which made him feel suffocated in the most embarrassing part. ”Hey, what are you waiting for … come on, ” said Louisa and immediately ran to the beach waiting for Darwin to take off his clothes.


The coral reefs and ornamental fish inside are very beautiful. Darwins face looks so happy and happy with Louisa, spending hours and hours diving. After being satisfied playing in the water they ate together at a famous restaurant there which serves seafood typical of this country.

When night falls they return to their place of origin at exactly 10 oclock in the evening. They got out of the car with happy faces laughing at each other, throwing jokes. ”You happy? ”

”Eum, thank you very much… this is a great thing for me, you
e a reliable driver, I salute. ” Darwin did a royal prince salute in front of Louisa, bringing a cheerful laugh to Louisas beautiful face.

They entered together into the hotel, entered the elevator and pressed the button at the same time. ”Same floor, didn you want to go to the top floor this morning? ” asked Darwin who still remembered the incident this morning. Louisa should have gone to her office but instead spent time having fun with him.

”Yes, I have a need with my friend upstairs, ” she lied without guilt so as not to be suspected.

”Ohh– ”

When the elevator dinged and the door opened, they seemed unwilling to part. The two stepped out hesitantly glancing at each other. ”Um good night, I hope this hotel provides the best service for you. ”

”Yes … thank you for today, ” replied Darwin with a sweet smile.

The two of them turned their backs and walked slowly with hesitation, then simultaneously the two of them turned back to stare at each other from a distance.

”Todays stars are many, beautiful … how about we look together in my room, ” said Louisa and without refusing, Darwin followed her invitation. Louisa opened the door to her room which was wider than the other exclusive rooms, special … the owners room which was specially designed.

”We are on the same floor but your room seems more special, ” protested Darwin Louisa opened the balcony and prepared warm drinks for the both of them.

”Yeah, maybe … Im grateful to have a room like this. ”

Cool air breeze into her bedroom from the balcony. Louisa walked in carrying 2 cups of hot chocolate to drink together. ”Are you on vacation or working? ” asked Louisa who wanted to know this mans personality firsthand because she felt comfortable with him, felt protected and safe.

”Not both. ”

Louisa frowned uncomprehendingly, ”Then where did you come from? ”

”From somewhere hot. ”

e always joking, Im serious … where are you came from and what do you do? ” Louisa asked with a laugh.

”Is it important for you? ”

”Maybe someday well meet again. ”

”But I don want to see you again. ”

Louisas eyes widened and her mouth opened wide, ”Oh yes… oh godness! ” Louisa brought her face sideways to Darwins face who was now staring at her intently, ”Am I scary like a witch who can curse you? ” she sneered.

Darwin looked seriously at her without blinking, enjoying the beauty of a natural Louisas face without make-up because she had been with him all day without complaining of tiredness. ”Yes Im afraid … afraid of being cursed to fall in love with you. ”

The smile that was etched on Louisas face suddenly faded slowly, the gaze of a man in front of her had a different meaning. A dark gaze full of desire. The two faces drew closer to each other, slowly, glanced at each others lips, until they pressed against each other with their eyes closed. Enjoying the little touch between those who reciprocate.

”Sorry, I might have crossed the line … I should have gone. ”

Darwin let go of his lips first feeling it was inappropriate to go any further for fear of falling in love with the wrong person. When his feet took a step to leave, Louisa stood in his way. ”Why, what limits do you mean … I don have any restrictions on associating with anyone, what are you afraid of? ” Louisa walked closer, closing the distance between themthey.

”Please don get in my way or you will lose out. ” Louisa understood that because she was an adult and maybe she would try something to lose that this man meant. Louisas hand went up, her slender fingers touched the surface of the broad chest that was exposed straight in front of her, her eyes traced the unusual changes in Darwins face.

The longer the spread of Louisas curling fingers rose up to touch the neck and shoulders. And his feet stood on tiptoe, whispering melodiously in Darwins ear. ”What loss did I receive, try to show me. ” Louisas words were a permission that a grown man who was already on the verge of passion could no longer refuse. Darwin without further ado put their lips together and grabbed Louisas tiny body, took her straight into the room and threw Louisa onto the soft bed that was ready to be the start of their story.

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