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Crossed The Line

In the morning, sunlight streamed in through a thin window that was covered by thick curtains. Louisa wriggled as the glare unsettled her eyes. Slowly the beautiful eyes blessed with bright blue irish blinked several times until they opened wide.

Louisa rolled her body many times, lazy to get up because all night she was awake waiting for news from her bodyguard who was ordered to look for the man who helped her. Louisa wants to give a gift or some money as a token of gratitude for being saved from death. Even she had already thought about what the man wanted. Whatever the mans request, he will make it happen. Because life cannot be bought with money or possessions, lives will be saved in any way possible by someone sent by God.

The abundant wealth she has now does not know what it will be used for. Louisa reached for her cellphone which was under the pillow, looking for message notifications that might have come from her bodyguards.

”Nothing, ” she muttered weakly when she saw that her cellphone screen was clean with no notifications. Then her flick finger scrolled the screen and searched for the contact of one of her bodyguards then pressed the call button.

”Have you guys checked the beach CCTV that recorded the incident, where did he go? ”

”There i, but his face is not clearly visible covered by his long shoulder-length hair. ”

”Describe the features and scatter them all over the city so whoever finds them can bring them to me. ”

”Okay Miss. ” Louisa moved out of bed, walked towards the balcony to breathe in the fresh morning air. ”Long, shoulder length hair wow … what does that look like. ” Louisa closed her eyes at the memory of their lips joining at that time. Touching her lips which were no longer pure because they had been touched by another man. The mans pitch-black eyes were piercingly fixed on her. ”Oh, whats wrong with me? ”

Louisa blushed and wanted to meet the man more quickly, seeing all of the mans body from the warm lips, sharp eyes, shoulder-length flowing hair and a tattoo on his arm at a glance Louisa saw. ”He must be so manly, ” she muttered. Louisa rushed to wash herself to look good today and hoped that she would be found soon.


Meanwhile on the other hand. Darwin, the man wanted, turns out to be staying at the RAZE hotel led by Louisa now. He who is heartbroken doesn know where to go. After helping Louisa, he walked around the beach until the sun set and was interested in spending time at the hotel which from afar looks full of sparkling disco lights on the hotel rooftop.

He made an order through a friend who had helped him arrange his departure and lodging while here. Darwin spent the night in the hotels sky bar with a bottle of tequila sitting overlooking the beach.

His mind, which had been tangled up in time, got better again, even though he was in a very drunken state and had to be led by a maid to enter his room. The next morning, he was feeling better than yesterday, he walked to the beach, just sat and watched the waves that were still not too fast rolling.

His six pack body, perfect biceps made women glance at him shirtless and shorts then lay down on the sand with his hands raised behind his head. With eyes closed he could hear the whispers of women passing by him and wanting to get acquainted but he didn care. When he feel satisfied basking in the hot morning sun, he put his shirt back on and tied up his long hair and walked back to the hotel.

Darwin got into the elevator that had Louisa in it. At first Louisa was a little irritated at having to share her breath with other people in the elevator with the mans pungent sun scent. He was used to having his own private elevator take him straight to his room but at this hotel the elevator was broken and had yet to be repaired.

Louisa chuckled when the bodyguard immediately pressed her face to her ear. ”Hes the one youve been looking for, the mysterious man. ” Louisas eyes opened wide and glanced at the handsome man with exotic skin beside her, his long hair pulled up into a bun, a square face with a patch of hair around his jaw, two bushy hands tucked into his trouser pockets. Sharp black irises can be seen from the reflection of the elevator door, a tall nose that stands firmly as the foundation of good looks, sensual lips and a chin that is split like his chin which makes this mans sweet impression.

Wow, Louisas inner self is perfect. She had never seen the appearance of a handsome man in casual clothes like this man. Because Louisa is always surrounded by men who like a luxurious and clean style, wealthy businessmen who always prioritize a neat appearance in cloth pants, shirts with ties or no ties, clad in luxurious suits that cost tens of millions.

But what she saw now, was a simple man in cheap shorts without a famous fashion brand and even a plain T-shirt. The elevator dinged and the door opened, Louisa moved quickly to block the man, when he wanted to step out, ”Hey, sorry…can I talk. ”

The man stopped and stared at her unblinkingly. ”Im the one you helped yesterday afternoon, you remember? ” This man narrowed his eyes and nodded doubtfully because he didn really care about strangers, he even forgot about Louisas face.

Louisa faced this strange man alone without her bodyguards following. She prevented the bodyguard from coming until the elevator doors closed. The man still looked unconcerned even though Louisa was warm and friendly.

”Eum … I want to thank you, … you know that life is hard to find and not to be bought and sold then I really want to repay your kindness. ” This man was still silently watching Louisas face who looked nervous talking to him, then a few seconds later his thin lips parted and said, ”Ok, you
e welcome. ” The man stepped away, leaving a dumbfounded Louisa staring at him. Only this time, a Louisa was ignored?

Louisa followed him to the front door and the man turned around to look at her confused. ”I want to give you something, as a token of my gratitude to you or is there something you want, can I make it happen? ” Louisa said casually with a sincere smile that never broke from her thin lips.

”No thanks,… I was just helping out. ”

Once again Louisa was ignored by this man until finally the hotel door opened and Louisa came inside. ”Hey, what do you want to do? ” protested this man who frowned in confusion at Louisas sneaky behavior.

”I want to repay your kindness, with anything you want, please, ” The man rubbed his face roughly and muttered, ”Oh my god… I already says no problem and why are you insisting. Is it because you
e a rich woman and your mighty bodyguards can help you so you want me to be your bodyguard. ” said the man who looked irritated.

There was not the slightest bit of fascination on Louisas beautiful face like a doll and her smooth skin was shining. ”No thats not what I meant Sir, you saved my life and I wanted to give you something to make you happy then I consider it even. Im not getting out of here if you don accept my good intentions! ”

Darwin massaged his forehead, thinking about how to deal with this stubborn foreign woman in front of him. For how many minutes they stared at each other and finally. ”Okay, you want to give me something? ”

”Yes. ”

”Whatever that is? ”

”Yeah, whatever… say it! ” Louisa challenged with her hands on her hips.

”Okay, happiness, I want to be happy today, just one day … can you? ” asked the man sarcastically. Louisa racked her brain at this mans request, happiness is not a treasure but a feeling. What happiness can she give.

”Don talk nonsense, I don understand. Say it quickly! ”

”I want – ” He brought his face closer to Louisas making her heartbeat beat faster and the pungent smell of sunlight ignored him. ”You – ” Only one word but the mans fresh breath was detected from a very close distance, making the hairs around Louisas arms stand up. ”Become a tour guide for me, ” he continued.

Louisa let out a breath, slightly relieved that her thoughts had been elsewhere. The mans gaze looked naughty and directed at him, automatically his brain was filled with dirty thoughts about the pleasures of a man.

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