A Beauty Single Mom

Repay Your Kindness

Louisa is a beautiful girl who is smart and successful. Her ability to manage her parents business is very comparable to that of her male siblings. Behind the success she has achieved, there is a deficiency in her life that has not been fulfilled, that is LOVE. What is up with her? What is missing from her? Inheriting a beautiful face from her mother, a smart brain, easy to get along in the environment, not arrogant and simple to act even though she comes from a noble family in London.

Her independent personality, perfectionist and workaholic makes time pass so quickly for her, by always being behind the table provided piles of work contract files that must be approved immediately. Her age is increasing from year to year with work that continues to roll without limit. When the night comes only solitude is by her side. Even though she has many friends and is used to being surrounded by billionaires who live a luxurious lifestyle, she has never done anything negative like her friends who come from elite families.

Louisa is a girl who appreciates every penny that comes from her hard work and gives it all to people who can afford it through her personal assistant. Louisa feels that this year she is at a saturation point. Asked her parents to allow her to manage one of their other family assets, a hotel located on a Hawaiian city beach.

So far she has been in the American state of Alaska. Where the famous cold air temperature is minus tens of degrees. Wrestling with the cold keeps her in emptiness. It didn take long for her to persuade his parents who agreed to his desire to move to find a new atmosphere.

Now she has been in the city of Hawaii. The long black car stopped right in front of the towering hotel building. She got out of the car immediately greeted by the General Manager of this hotel. ”Welcome Princess Louisa. ” Louisa smiled and started walking followed by her bodyguards from behind. Her graceful movements enter a long-established hotel and is led by one of her mothers relatives but is now diverted to her. All hotel staff bowed their heads to welcome her.

”Welcome, Miss Louisa — let me show you around the hotel, ” this welcome greeting came from one of the men who served as the Manager of this hotel. Louisa just followed, walking beside the man who brought her up into the transparent elevator.

The view of the beach and its surroundings is very beautifully arranged, palm trees are neatly lined up and this large item is decorated with LED lights there and it will definitely be lively when seen at night. This hotel has 10 floors and the top floor is a special floor for luxurious and exclusive VIP rooms, there are bars and outdoor nightclubs and swimming pools where you can see the beauty of the surprise or sunset from above.

After being satisfied with the tour, she entered the spacious meeting room which was equipped with a long table and chairs lined up in front of it which had been occupied by hotel officials and shareholders. Its time for Louisa to introduce herself as the new General Manager of RAZE Hotel while the old one will be assigned to another hotel branch.

”My name is Louisa Delloui JackWell De Arthure, from now on I will be the General Manager of this hotel, if anyone has objections and is dissatisfied with this decision then please submit it now and tell me the reasons. ”

All were silent, no comment, only said welcome to join for Louisa. After all, who dared to comment, because she is the daughter of the owner of this hotel. The next session is a hotel rating report from loyal customers by the manager who is authorized to deliver it. One by one people respond calmly until all the performance appraisal reports end, the meeting is over.

Louisa came out first, followed by several bodyguards, to her room which also looked luxurious. There are pictures of her mother and her mothers friends on the wall. In the afternoon, showered with an abundance of sunlight that stings the skin. Louisa stood in front of the transparent glass in her room staring at the beach, making her eyes fresh when she saw the clear beach water and Louisa wanted to feel the beach water soaking her body, swim — maybe.

The first day for her is to enjoy the view from above which is very beautiful. Her heart moved to go to the beach when the yellow twilight had appeared above the clouds. Louisa took off all her clothes, only the bikini left covering her body. Exit the hotel from the secret passage. What does she want to do?


Darwin Helmond is a handsome man who recently broke up with his girlfriend. During this time he worked hard to earn money to quickly marry his girlfriend who is in this country. He came out of the blue as a surprise for his girlfriend whom he started dating a year ago. Feeling compatible with each others personality, finally decided to take it to a more serious level.

However, it turns out that the girlfriend she loves falls in love with another man and makes love in her lovers apartment. Darwin was disappointed and wanted to take out his frustration on the man, but his lover protected the man and kicked him out instead. Darwin was doubly disappointed, because he was not considered important in the eyes of his lover.

He was confused where to go. His feet stepped without knowing the destination until he arrived at a beautiful beach. Before deciding to return to his country he wanted to enjoy this beautiful city for just a week. The sexy body of a woman who only uses a bikini passes in front of him back and forth but nothing makes him melt just to say hello or get acquainted. Darwin was still in a slump, because the wound in his heart was still bleeding and sore and did not know when it would heal.

He didn expect that a woman who looked as innocent as his lover, an ex-girlfriend to be exact — could actually be having an affair behind his back. Darwin sat alone on a white sand dune looking out to sea. At first everything seemed normal, not long after that there was an accident.

A girl fell while playing a jet ski and her body was swept away by the waves, farther and farther from the beach. Darwin ran fast, took off his clothes and immediately threw himself into the sea to save the girl. The waves that were suddenly big and high hit her body many times, she tried to pull the hand of the girl who was rolled up by the waves many times until she succeeded and dragged her to the shore.

While on the beach, about 10 men in formal attire were ready to pick up the girl and lay her on the sand. Darwin thought he was done helping the girl as there were a few people who might have known her and helped pump her chest to get her senses but none of them gave her artificial respiration.

”What are you guys doing, help her breathe so she can wake up quickly, ” said Dawin a little worried, but no one dared to do it until Darwin got annoyed and immediately pushed aside a man who was pumping her breasts.

Darwin took over the mans place and gave several mouth-to-mouth rescue breaths while pressing on the girls chest until her eyes opened and they stared at each other for only a few seconds. Darwin leaves after saving the girls life, Louisa. He coughed and spat out a large amount of water from his mouth. What will Louisa do for the man who saved her?

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