Chapter 5

”This is Jane, ” continued my husband pointing at the woman with the cue. ”Shes my advisor, my lawyer, my hope when something goes wrong and my right arm. ”

I glanced at Jane. She was beautiful. She had long blonde hair, perfect green eyes, long eyelashes and she was very feminine. Her figure was great too. She looked like a standard of female beauty. I felt her strength, confidence and self-consciousness. She was of that type of women, who could get everything they ever wanted. I was a bit interested what kind of relationship my husband and she had. Were they friends? Or maybe something more than that?

”Nice to meet you, ” said Jane slightly nodding me. ”Hope you will have the honor of bearing the Hamiltons surname. ”

”This is my forever-brother, ” said my husband grabbing the black mans shoulder. He did the same, in turn, too.

”Thanks, Ranold, ” he said.

”No need to thank me. You
e doing the perfect job. Well done, Wendall. Wendall helps me to figure out how the things are going. ” My husband stepped ahead. ”There are also others, who come here today. But it will take you a lot of time to remember all of them. So Wendall and Jane from now on will be your second parents here. Do a good job and you will be generously rewarded, Olivier. The Family never leaves debts. ”

”By the way, about the debts, ” said Jane, standing on her legs and going straight upon me. ”I almost completely forgot that I have for you something. ” She handed me a new phone in a purple phone case with the small hanging keychain on the upper right corner.

”Thank you, ” quietly said I taking the phone. It was one of the latest richest models. I never had something like that in my hands before.

”You have all the necessary programs there and some additional staff which all of the members in the Family have. For example, the tracking app connected to a special satellite that works even if the phone is completely dead. You have here also the special browser where you can find some interesting staff. Be sure, the police and the government could not track your phone or find out what for you use it. All the messengers and working nets are hidden due to a special microchip inside. Also, you have the built-in messenger that connects you to our global site, so you can easily contact us and write us in a chat if theres something you need. ” Explained Jane.

”Do not forget to say him that his phone is connected to mine and all the information once it is wanted to be stored or saved on other devices would be automatically deleted. ” Said my husband.

”Oh, yeah. And theres a special program that detects the other devices, so it could easily identify who is staying right next to you. ” Smiled Jane. ”So that the phone becomes a useless toy once it appeared in a police station or something. ”

I looked again at the screen. It was bright and colorful with the standard wallpapers. The screen was full of different programs and only a few of them I saw in a real life and used them. The screen turned off as a sound of a new message suddenly made me shiver a bit. The message itself was hidden, so there was only a notification about it. I pick the notification and the phone automatically continued on the messenger, but there was a warning that I could not read that message. I saw the blank list of chats with only one above — Ranold Hamilton. It was kinda unfamiliar for me to see his full name on the screen, so I picked the chat and was surprised to see a few messages there.

Good evening, Big Boss 🙂

Evening, Jane. Do not call me that. Is it working?

Perfectly, as you can see. Anything else you need to be here?

Yes, can you please create a secure and encrypted connection with my husbands relatives? He has only mom and younger sister left.

The next message from my husband was:

They are not in the same boat.

What does that mean? Flashed through my mind, when I was looking for a contacts in my phone, desperately picking the buttons to find out if there were my mums and sisters number. And yet, I found them.


I wrote immediately in the chat.

Gosh! You **ing scared me!

A sudden sigh of relief came out of my chest through the breathe and my lips corners went up a bit in a relieved smile.

Are you okay?

Yeah, working now. Your sister is at school, shes fine too

Oh, well. Glad to hear 🙂

Jerish was playing all the evening yesterday. Btw, we now will live in the bedroom together

”Ranold, look at this, ” I heard from Jane and glanced at once seeing her handing my husband a tablet.

Oh, thats good

How was your night? Did he hurt you? Was he rough to you?

I suddenly blushed, rubbing my nose to hide my embarrassment. In fact… it was kinda… good?.. I was shocked of myself suddenly having such a thought. But then I realized it felt like truth. I wasn pressured, I wasn forced, nothing made me feel bad or useless. It happened like something for granted. Maybe if my husband wasn so persistent, I would begin crying or begging him not to do it. But I had no time for that. And now it was too late to regret it.

No, it was…

I started typing, when a warm palm laid on my lower back.

e flying to New York, ” said my husband, slightly pushing me towards the door.


I finished the message and sent it to my mum on the way.


It was my first time flying on the plane. I have never been to the nearby town, not saying about other cities. And now I was flying to New York — one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. As we approached the airport, I couldn believe my eyes. I saw planes only in films and ads and now I gonna fly the one by myself. We drove to the gate and I saw the hangars, helicopters and small planes, usually used for private flights.

”We will need to go through the registration, ” my husband handed Jane, who was sitting next to me, a passport.

”Understood, ” said Jane going out of the car.

My husband did the same and I just followed them too. There was very windy at the airport, so my husband pulled me to himself a bit closer while we were going to the building.

”Journalists, ” said Jane cautiously stopping at her place.

”Then take Olivier and go to the other gate. I will wait for you near the plane, ” he said leaving me on Jane.

She smiled at me patting me on my back. ”He will manage everything. Do not worry. ”

But I was not worried. I crossed my hands on my chest as we were going to the free gate.

”Mr Hamilton! Mr Hamilton! Is that true you got married? How is your wife look like? Is it a famous model Javalin Tourro? Will you show her to us? Or maybe its Lucas Thompson? Your husband? The son of the famous oil tycoon? How will you comment the Tori-Woris post where she said you could do a better choice? What did she mean? ”

I was listening to those questions and the more they ask, the more I learned about Ranold Hamilton. So, I was not the first guy he had been with. And if journalists asked him such a question, then there were others. But, how many exactly? Did he have someone he loved before we met? Was he beloved by someone so I became the home wrecker? These and all other thoughts were coming to my mind again and again while we were going through the pass control.

Because of the journalists we had to wait my husband a bit near the plane. It was chilly there, but the plane looked good. And not so big.

”Finally! I thought they would break you into pieces. ” Said Jane.

e so naive if you ever could think, they would do it, ” chuckled my husband inviting us to go in the plane.

Jane went up the stairs first and so did I. My husband went after me and when we finally got into a cabin, he put his hand against my back again, asking quietly, ”Aren you cold? ”

I shook my head a bit looking away as if I wanted to avoid his touching.

”Okay, ” he answered finally going to the seat. So did I.

Jane was sitting near the window and my husband sat next to her. Their seats were turned back to the pilots cabin. I sat opposite my husband. To be honest, I was a bit… upset? I can say now, but that moment it was a feeling of frustration. I knew I was an extra there, but at least I could be near, pretending to have at least some kind of status. The cabin itself was very rich. Beige leather seats, more like armchairs, beige walls and decorations, white wood table between us, where Jane put a lot of different papers and a laptop. We fastened the belts and finally the journey started. My husband took a tablet from Jane and began to discuss something. I didn understand a word. Well, there were words I knew, but when they put them together in their dialogue I lost the thread of the narrative.

”Olivier, ” suddenly said my husband, taking me out of my peaceful watching the clouds and the cities below. ”Where do you want to study? ”

”What? ” I asked quietly not believing my ears.

”What university or college? Have you thought about it? ”

”Y-yes… But… I… ” I hesitated not knowing what to answer.

”I sent you a link, ” he said standing up the seat. ”Check it out and choose something you like. ”

I took my phone from the pocket and saw a new notification. I opened the messenger, where there was a new one from Ranold Hamilton. I clicked the link and the site with different specialties opened.

”When I come back, be sure youve chosen one, ” said he putting his warm hand on my shoulder and leaving a short kiss on the top of my head.

I scrolled the newsfeed trying to find something that could help me, but there were only the areas of studying with their descriptions and no other information. I was reading everything very fast trying to choose something, but nothing came to my mind. I looked at Jane. She was working on her laptop frowning a lot. She seemed really concerned. And then I understood that I should make the choice by myself. I took a deep breath and began to read the newsfeed more carefully.

”How is it going? ” Asked my husband bringing some water with him to drink.

”I chose, ” answered I. ”Archeology. ”

”Archeology? ” He raised his brows in amazement.

”Yes… ” said I slowly carefully choosing the words. ”Im good at History and Biology, so I think archeology is good for me too. ”

”Well, ” he took the tablet and began clicking on it. ”Then, I choose Archeology. ”

I nodded a bit and laid back on the seat watching the view from the window.

”Mr Hamilton, we have lunch from the REvolution. Do you want us to serve it for you? ” I heard a cute voice and turned my head to a flight attendant standing near my husband and smiling kindly.

”No, thank you. I ate at home, ” answered he and I felt embarrassed remembering eating all the omelette alone in the morning.

I put on my hood to hide the shame on my face. I felt guilty being praised for nothing even though the flight attendant seemed not to know that I was the one who was at home that morning.

”We have two and a half more to New York. Take a nap if you
e tired. ” I was sure he said that to Jane, but when my armchair began to change its position becoming more like a bed, I looked out of my hood clearly seeing my husband pressing the buttons on the remote control looking after me.

When the armchair reached a certain position, he turned to Jane again beginning talking in a low voice. I cramped a bit pulling my legs to my belly not believing Ranold Hamilton himself was caring me as if I meant something for him. So, eing Hamilton are not just empty words? I thought falling asleep in the plane.

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